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This week we're re-launching our podcast with new branding and need your help getting the word out! To make it fun we are giving EVERYONE to takes a second to leave us a review access to our private LIVE Holistic Homestead Challenge webinar! AND over $300 in other prizes for the self-sufficiently minded folks!

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Contest ends Wednesday, October 13th.

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 We've partnered with some of our FAVORITE brands + Products!! 


Cold Season Seed Variety Pack

Sow True Seed is a trusted source for heirloom and unique seed varieties. This small business does a world of good helping gardeners old and new add reliable, wholesome variety to their veggie landscape!

Make your own!

Reduce dry time, eliminate the need for dryer sheets, get rid of static cling AND use all-natural essential oils to fragrance your clothes! This fun + easy craft is fit for ages 5 to 95! + includes wool straight from Schoolhouse Regenerative Farm!

Holistic Gardening 

Your garden is an ecosystem and it can be abundant and joyful. And, it doesn't need chemicals to thrive! In this course you will learn simple + natural ways to improve the balance, fertility and production of your garden. Recipes, a list of appropriate essential oils for annoying pests, some of the top oils for garden use and more! 

Everybody Wins! 

As a THANK YOU for helping us, we are hosting a 2 hour live webinar for everyone who takes the time to leave a review. In this call we will offer practical tools, give challenges, answer YOUR questions and help you all plan + implement the building of your perfect family homestead! Come ready to put pen to paper!

We will cover: 

  • Creating smart infrastructures
  • Sinking nutrients + water
  • Including children
  • Setting the right expectations/planning for success
  • Mapping out properties--urban to rural.
  • And more!

Lacey's Book

Whether you're a small business owner, or just want to be--this workbook is the perfect way to energize and push forward toward achieving your dream career! Chock full of useful, practicial and inspiring challenges, this book gets the stuck unstuck, and reminds women their success lies on the other side of discovering their own uniqueness.

Long Lasting Tools!

The Bootstrap Farmer tools are built to last! From high tunnel kits to seed starting trays--they offer the sturdiest products that continue to work year after year! And this combo is the PERFECT set up for getting those seeds or microgreens sprouted!

Redefining homeschool

In this wonderful book the Amuchastegui's outline how simple the life of homeschooling can look--how unlike a classroom, and more like living life in wonder--with eyes wide open.

The homeschool world has been a fast-growing industry, and it can be hard to whittle down to what you actually want out of your experience-this book helps you take stock + realign.

Drink the best!

Handcrafted locally, these beans are roasted with love!Fireweed Coffee is named after the wildflower that grows in areas of devastation replenishing the earth underneath it. Fireweed Coffee started in the summer of 2018 with the mission of providing small-batch speciality coffee to people wanting to drink fresh, single-origin coffee.

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