Unleash Your
Holistic Homestead

A Holistic Homestead Audit is for you if:

  • You're just getting started on your property & not sure where to begin? 
  • You've been on your property but it feels chaotic & unmanageable?
  • You're struggling to get clarity on what you want to do with your homestead?
  • You need someone with experience to help you avoid costly mistakes & wasted efforts?
  • You want a better understanding of the natural advantages your property offers?
  • You have a small farm or even under acre lot, but want to use it intensively to grow in self-sufficiency.

Tap into the decades of expertise that Drew & Lacey have acquired growing their permaculture homestead & businesses to support it. Let them guide you toward maximizing what your property already has, set goals for what it could be and gain clarity on what inputs will have the largest returns. 

This in-person & custom audit will evaluate water, terrain, interests, and so much more giving you a clear set of steps to achieve a homestead that doesn't keep you busy--but nourishes you & your family, mind, body & soul.

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Discover New ideas

1. Fill out your Holistic Audit Intake giving--get clarity for yourselves, while helping Drew & Lacey understand your big visions.

2. Schedule your one-on-one (in person or online)

3. As experienced family homesteaders, Drew & Lacey take the whole family into account--helping you design and map out steps that will achieve your goals. 

4. Drew & Lacey consider the property: rainfall, sunshine, situation, livestock & garden goals & create a detailed report giving ordered steps for you to apply to your homestead to move efficiently towards your goals. 

Your well-crafted plan will included tried and true resources, tools & expertise helping you weed through the overwhelm & feel grounded in your goals for the future. 

Help me with my plan!

Save money and time

Sure, there's a dozen YouTube videos on every element of the homestead you want--and they can be great.


One size does not fit all, & Drew & Lacey are particularly skilled at seeing your property as the unique & potentially abundant space you want it to be--and helping you connect the dots between today & that potential.

Schedule your Holistic Homestead Audit & you'll get the clarity you need to take the specific steps that will move you in the direction of your homestead dreams.

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Action steps

Get the steps you need to be successful this year. We tailor your steps to your budget both of time and resources.
We know what being thrifty looks like and we'll help you make it work.


We help you strategize unique to you ways that your homestead can make some income.

We don't hold back and we don't sugar coat. This audit will get you thinking and moving towards income.

Customized to you

Before we even meet you fill out our questionnaire so we know right where you are and where you're headed.

The call will be all about you and we don't waste time with the small stuff.

I'm ready to get started!

Why work with us?

We are a family farm & we've been building our homestead, kids in tow, for 20 years.

After success on a small city plot, now on rural 15 acres & leasing property for regenerative grazing, we have been certified in Permaculture, Savory Regeneration & applied these ideals on our family homestead to know what really works.

There are plenty of great courses that will give you great knowledge. We know, we've taken them.

What we offer is a customized plan for YOUR property based on your goals, priorities, lifestyle and event budget.

The sky is the limit, and we help you figure out how to harness that, stop scrambling, and prioritize the steps you need to take to get exactly where you want to go. Just because you're a doer by nature does not mean you should do it all, and we know exactly how to do the right things to optimize your homestead. We help you manage water, develop permaculture systems, implement food forest concepts and then use time like to enhance your work.

We've done it all.

Often, we've done it wrong first.

Let us help you skip ahead. Invest in the future of your homestead, prevent the chaos of the homestead hustle and even maintain better relationships with your spouse and kids--something else we have 20 years of experience to share.

We can see the big picture, you can make it happen.

Let's Get Started

Online Audit


  • 1 hour online meeting with Lacey and Drew to focus on your property and help you see it in a new light - $240
  • List of edible native plants specific to your property - $100
  • List of perennial plants specific to your property - $130
  • List of flowering plants specific to your property - $120
  • 12 steps to take on your property to make you love and make it more efficient - $800
  • Analysis of what’s working and what’s not on your property and how to make it all work - $350

Total Value of $1740

Get started for $250

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In Person Audit


  • 2-3 hour in person meeting with Lacey & Drew to focus on your property and help you see it in a new light - $575
  • List of edible native plants specific to your property - $100
  • List of perennial plants specific to your property - $130
  • List of flowering plants specific to your property - $120
  • 12 steps to take on your property to make you love and make it more efficient - $800
  • Analysis of what’s working and what’s not on your property and how to make it all work - $350
  • 3 month check in to make sure you’re on track and get your questions answered - $175
  • Gaias Garden Permaculture Book - $30


Total Value of $2320

Get started for $499

I'm ready to love my homestead

A few words from our clients:

I prayed and cried the night before you came. I thought we'd made a mistake. That I couldn't handle it all. That after only two months in our home we had made the biggest mistake of our lives. I was wondering if it was even worth it for you to come, and spoiler alert, it was! 

We feel organized and like we know the purpose of our land. We know our goals and have priorities given to each task. We look at our land and home very differently now. No, it's not exactly what I want, or even close at the moment. But it will be! And I am starting to see it now. We can't thank you enough for opening our eyes to see all that God has given us every time we step out our door.

- Alexandria

"Having Drew out for a homestead audit helped me better understand where to prioritize my efforts in getting my homestead started. I’m confident that I avoided mistakes that would have been made if I would not have had him come out."

- Brandon

Having Drew and Lacey come out to the farm and show us theexact steps we need to take to get our farm operational was exactly the type of help we needed. 

They gave us clarity and specific goals to work on.

Having/starting a farm is overwhelming and you don't really know where to begin.

Having them come out and show us how to build from the ground up saved us a ton of time and money. 

Highly recommend. 

- Daniel

"We had Lacey and Drew out to Abiding Place for a land audit. We are so excited to get started on our plan that will lead us to utilize water management. They are a wealth of information and inspiration that will eventually help us reach our ultimate goal of self sufficiency."

- Nicole

Lacey and Drew are amazing people to learn from and collaborate with.

I don't have a large homestead, but they gave me great ideas to implement in my space.

I only wish I had them in person.

The video call was easy and comfortable and they were patient and listened to my concerns. They have a "use what you have mentality" which I love because I am the same way. Change and growth is sometimes slow and not linear, but I have more tools now and a great resource to come back to as they gave me the video call and notes to refer back to. The Grims are a wealth of knowledge in holistic and homesteading and I am glad to learn from it.


Before Drew came out to our property we were having trouble materializing our ideas into a cohesive plan of attack. Afterward, we feel armed with a clear vision and order we need to tackle our goals in. He really helped us organize our thoughts into something tangible on paper but more than that helped open our minds to envisioning what our future homestead will look like.

Thanks again!

Moved to a new property in Gold Hill, NC less than a month ago..
Still being new to the homestead life, we wanted to call on experts to help us navigate setup, ideas, plans etc...
What we didn’t expect was getting the most amazing humans to come hang with us for a few hours & spit out all the goodness. If only I could suck all their brain knowledge out!
If you are new or established I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to The Schoolhouse Life with Drew Grim & Lacey Grim !!!
It was worth every penny & then some. Can’t say enough great things about them & their willingness to serve this community. Thank you a million times over!

- Meredith 

Your Consultants

Drew Grim

Holistic Management
Regenerative Agriculture
Ecological Outcome Verifier
Permaculture Design
Homeschool Dad

Lacey Grim

Holistic Health Coach
Permaculture Design
Holistic Homestead Design
Wild Forager & Folk Herbalist
Homeschool Mom