Find The Right Steps

Get the confidence and action steps you need for an abundant homestead this year.

Show me the steps

Discover New ideas

We go to 30,000 feet with you and then come all the way back down to ground level.

We help you get out of your head and plan the homestead that will make your soul sing.

We do that by taking a holistic look at your life, your land, your budget, your community, and your desires.

Then we craft a plan!

Help me with my plan!

Save money and time

WYou could spend the next 20 years learning as you go. Making mistakes that we already made and paying for lots of education.


You can skip a lot of hard lessons and save tons of money on education.

Spend an hour with us and we'll get you ready for your next steps.

I want to skip some of the hard lessons

Action steps

Get the steps you need to be successful this year. We tailor your steps to your budget both of time and resources.
We know what being thrifty looks like and we'll help you make it work.


We help you strategize unique to you ways that your homestead can make some income.

We don't hold back and we don't sugar coat. This audit will get you thinking and moving towards income.

Customized to you

Before we even meet you fill out our questionnaire so we know right where you are and where you're headed.

The call will be all about you and we don't waste time with the small stuff.

I'm ready to get started!

"Having Drew out for a homestead audit helped me better understand where to prioritize my efforts in getting my homestead started. I’m confident that I avoided mistakes that would have been made if I would not have had him come out." - Brandon


Drew Grim

Holistic Management
Regenerative Agriculture
Permaculture Design

Lacey Grim

Holistic Health Coach
Permaculture Design
Holistic Homestead Design