A little something creative and new for me, Ribbon Embroidery!

Jan 28, 2022
It was surprisingly easy with I think pretty great results! I expected much more technical ability to be needed, but I’d say it was not terrible at all, even with directions barely translated from Chinese.
I’m not sure I could make something so beautiful without the kit mapping it out, but I now want to try more!
Stay creative, it’s one of those self-care things I think is far too underrated 💖.


I'm super excited to do this virtual craft-along with ya'll! This is where you can find out all the things you need to know to jump in. Click here for more information https://www.theschoolhouselife.com/craftalong

1. It starts February 1st, 2022, BUT, you can jump in any time! It's never too late to start crafting! 

2. This is a 0-judgement event. Try, maybe fail, maybe succeed, but remember, thread & ribbon can be pulled out! 

3. Please share pictures of your project regularly! In our GROUP (there's a thread JUST for these pics), and as social media posts anywhere else. Use the #schoolhousecraftalong tag so we can easily see each other's work!

4. I'm hoping this becomes a way to encourage others in learning new things, building a community, encouraging others and letting those creative juices FLOW!

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