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Home Steading Simplified

 20+ Experts Help You Find The Confidence You Need To Make Homesteading Work.

You've had some land or you just got your first property. You go outside and it just seems like there are so many things to do, but where to start?

Plant seeds, compost pile, get chickens, pull weeds, plant fruit trees, build a barn, sheep, cows...the list goes on...right?

How about a list of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it?

We have gathered experts in the world of homesteading together from all over the world to give you their best tips.

Take a tour of their homesteads, learn from them, and take the confidence to your abundant homestead. 

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Why attend the open house?

Explore popular 
homestead styles

knowing where to start can be hard, sometimes finding a style that matches can be really helpful.


New to gardening or just looking to learn some new tips. Follow along and see some new systems. Learn what's working for people in their gardens.


Getting started with animals can be one of the scariest things you do. But it doesnt have to be. Take a look at whats work for others.

Preserving the Harvest

After a spring and summer of hard work how do you save it all?! Join us as we break it all down for you.

Vendor Section

Meet popular homesteader vendors and hear their 3-minute video on what they offer.

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Meet the speakers

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3 days of training

Each training/session will be just 10-15 minutes long, we have lots of different sessions.

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Questions people are asking:

Meet The Homesteaders

Lacey Grim

@laceyofschool housefarm​

Karl Warkomski


Nathalie Willmott


Drew Grim


Natalie Thurman


RuthAnn Zimmerman


Joshua Rosenberg


Lacy Lang


Ashley Stephens & Mark Turner




"Pork" Rhyne



@heritageacres    homesteadchas

Rabbis and Shoshana


Anna & Adam Temporale

@temporale     homestead


@wildones   homestead

Jason & Jennifer Williams


Deanne Chambers


Jackie Beyer

@organicgardener  podcast

Ellison Ulrich


Sarah Gonzales


Samuel and Cortney Black 


Emily Kelly


Sarah Withers

Simeon & Alex Fuchs


Kathryn Spitzner


Tammy Trayer


Megan Cain


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You get direction, ideas, plans, and permission to make it work for you. You get to join a group of people that are all trying to figure this out.

This is your ticket into what really makes homesteading work, what makes it enjoyable, and what takes the stress out of veteran homesteaders.

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Here's what others are saying from our last open house:


I was completely overwhelmed going into this, this symposium was the first thing that has brought me any calm in the sea of options. Something about introducing all the ways in one place( in a quick manner) is making it all okay.

- Kathleen

Great Resource!

So many different voices and perspectives and SOOOOOOO many helpful tips and pep talks for parents too!

- Kelly 

Getting Excited Now

These videos are fantastic and the mamas (and dad!) have eased my heart so much. There are so many great resources in this section, this was very well put together. Can't wait to watch more, I'm feeling more and more ready now. Thank you all!

- Catherine

Happy for sure!

Just listening to the Different coaches and approaches has brought me comfort and tears of gratitude and joy

- Liz


I am really loving hearing all of the perspectives and the wonderful resources. Thanks so much to all of the amazing parents sharing these gifts with us!

- Nella

So grateful, so full.

Thank you for sharing perspectives and experiences from across the board. This was an info-packed, compassionate springboard, and I feel much less overwhelmed.

- Mikaela

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