I'm super excited to do this virtual craft-along with ya'll! This is where you can find out all the things you need to know to jump in.

1. It starts February 1st, 2022, BUT, you can jump in any time! It's never too late to start crafting!

2. This is a 0-judgement event. Try, maybe fail, maybe succeed, but remember, thread & ribbon can be pulled out!

3. Please share pictures of your project regularly! In our GROUP (there's a thread JUST for these pics), and as social media posts anywhere else. Use the #schoolhousecraftalong tag so we can easily see each others work!

4. I'm hoping this becomse a way to encourage others in learning new things, building a community, encouraging others and letting those creative juices FLOW!

Step 1:

Download The Instruction Book!
(and print)
(thanks to Amina K. of www.stitchfloral.blogspot.com for sharing this freebie!)

Click here to download

Step 2

Gather Materials!
You'll need:

  • 1 Hoop
  • Backing Fabric (look for cotton, a 10inch by 10inch square would suffice) near the embroidery thread or in the fabric area. Even a cotton towel or other scrap cotton at home will work!
  • A washable fabric pencil
  • The following threads + ribbons.
    • 5 colors of floss: green for the stem, pink for the small blossoms, black (or dark brown), yellow
      and white for the flower centers.
    • 6mm pale blue satin ribbon (i only found 9mm, it's working)
  • You will need two needles: one fine embroidery & one thicker chenille or embroidery needle for ribbon stitches. Remember, the
    higher the number, the finer the needle. So, for example, embroidery needle #4 would fit ribbon
    stitches and #9-10 for thread stitching.
    (if you want to do something different, pick different colors! These are appropriate for forget-me-nots, but this pattern looks a bit like other bulbs, and with a different petal color can be whatever you want to call it.)
  • And, I suggest a pair of sharp scissors if you don't have some!

Step 3: Join the FB Event!

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 Step 4:

Use your print of the pattern from the downloaded guide and transfer to your fabric, set up your hoop and have your supplies ready to go! 

Be sure to take pictures + share them! comment, join in our live calls to share and ask questions on the fb event !Share your pictures on any platform online with the #schoolhousecraftalong in the post so we can all connect and encourage each other!