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Want to kick the dirt with someone who's been around the homestead block?

Permaculture, Regenerative & Spiritually Driven homesteading is what The Schoolhouse Life is all about.Ā 


Take your homestead from a dream to reality with us! Listen in to get a sneak peek on the real ins-and-outs of self-sufficient living. The trials, the joys, the pitfalls, the triumphs.Ā 

Family, farming, holistic living--Lacey & Drew of Schoolhouse Farm tie it all together with a thread of humor & spirituality.

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A Podcast for the free-thinking, nature lover.

"The perfect mix of down-to-earth practical advice, honest experience & inexhaustible hopefulnessā€¯


I love, love, love this podcast! Lacey, Drew and their special guests are so knowledgeable and are a joy to listen to as they discuss all of the topics that I am interested in with regard to homeschooling, homesteading and natural living.

Arrow Creek Academy & Homestead

Drew & Lacey give us something in short supply, truth! With so many other Homestead & Farm Podcasts, we only get the good things, the success stories...They offer a wealth of knowledge drawn from years of gaining wisdom on schooling, farming, permaculture, community, family, and holistic healing of mind and body. Definitely worth the listen!


Drew and Lacey are not afraid to take risks and share what they learned along the way. I appreciate their heart for community and their willingness to help others grow and thrive in many areas of life. Their podcast is intellectually stimulating, funny and full to the brim with info.Ā 

A Holistic Homestead supports YOUR lifestyle and debunks the self-sufficiency myths that keep you spinning!

Just because you can doesn't  always mean you should! How can you be self-sufficient in a way that's good for the family + the soul?

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