The Schoolhouse Life

The Schoolhouse Life

Hosted by: Drew & Lacey Grim

You can be self-sufficient. Grow your own food, homeschool your kids, use plants for medicine, and run a side gig. We believe that and We want to help. Life is a schoolhouse, we can learn new things + be better...


Shade loving producers and making your home a permaculture oasis with Brandy Hall

Season #2 Episode #24

Have you ever walked a few feet from your front door, picked a few ripe berries, popped them in your mouth and thought 'this is the life'? It is, it is the life. And you can totally have it! Brandy Hall from Shades of...
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Wondering how to start preserving your harvest?

Season #2 Episode #23

Having a FRESH garden veggies and fruits in the winter is the BEST! We show you how to preserve the garden bounty in jars and more, in this free webinar. We are bringing together four people that have been canning...
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How to incorporate Essential Oils In The Garden

Season #2 Episode #22

Do you like living a natural and self-sufficient life? We do too! Below are some ways you can join us in making your life and the world a better place. ย  If you like this podcast leave us a reviewย  Looking for more...
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Transforming your dietary allergies & health with Daniela Londoรฑo Velez

Season #2 Episode #21

Ever thought your food allergies were caused by a block that could be released? Like, maybe you could STOP your allergies in their tracks by addressing issues from past lives? Me neither! But, Daniela has reversed her...
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Your mouth might be the reason for chronic diseases, behavioral issues, and more. Interview with Kate Kitzes

Season #2 Episode #20

Is your tongue screwing up your health? Could be!! ๐Ÿ‘… This interview definitely went into a whole new realm I hadnโ€™t really considered! I found myself wiggling my tongue around the roof of my mouth as Kate gave me her...
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Empowering kids for a better tomorrow with Shari Packard

Season #2 Episode #19

Are you confused by how holistic healthcare is different than modern healthcare? Have you ever been frustrated because you've been given the run around? Tried almost everything the doctor has said and not gotten...
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Moon Cycles + the Female Condition with Barbara Hannelorรฉ

Season #2 Episode #18

What's the moon got to do with it? EVERYthing! Has your daughter starter her period? Are you going through menopause? Join Lacey + Barbara and get major insights into the mysterious ways of womanhood, how they connect...
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Just keep bees already! (how to make it easy--no need to be afraid!)

Season #2 Episode #17

Have you been thinking about keeping bees but just not sure where to start? Join us! We talk about what it takes to keep bees How to get your kids involved Bee Safety What kind of hive to get How much time and money...
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The EASIEST breakdown of the Charlotte Mason Method with Rachel Lebowitz

Season #2 Episode #16

Homeschooling making you feel inadequate? I often struggle seeing all the beautiful posts of fellow Charlotte Mason inspired homeschoolers, how can I possibly keep up? How can I do it well and NOT lose my...
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Dr. Beth Westie - Hormone + Women's Health Expert

Season #2 Episode #15

How are your hormones? I did NOT know about this 'nutty' practice much before today! But Seed Cycling is something I've been curious about for a while. Heard of it? I think you'll like it. Thanks to Dr. Beth Westie I...
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Tapping yourself out of fear--the power of EFT + how to simply add it into your routine.

Season #2 Episode #14

Are you dealing with any fears around tapping? Well listen to this!! a FREE and SO simple protocol you can do at home to help move through all those feelings! Tapping!! I keep hearing how powerful this ridiculously...
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Want simple steps you can take to boost your immune system?

Season #2 Episode #13

Join us as we explore some simple and natural things you can do to boost your immune system.ย  If you like this podcast leave us a reviewย  Looking for more in-depth information about natural medicine and holistic...
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