Farm to Glass with Deric of Botanist and Barrel🍷

Season #3

Lacey sits down with Deric from Botanist and Barrel, one of their favorite local food producers. Together, they delve into the world of fermentation, natural processing, and the wonders of creating unique ciders and wines.

Join Lacey as she shares her passion for locally-sourced, natural ferments and her admiration for Botanist and Barrel's sustainable practices. With a focus on orchard-to-glass production, Deric reveals the secrets behind their exceptional ciders, crafted with love from hand-picked apples and other seasonal fruits.

Discover the journey of Botanist and Barrel, from a blueberry farm to becoming the cidery of their dreams. Lacey and Deric discuss the exciting process of spontaneous fermentation, where they let the yeast from the orchard work its magic naturally, resulting in delicious and probiotic-rich beverages.

To try their amazing ciders, you can visit Botanist and Barrel's tasting rooms in Asheville and other local spots or conveniently order online through their website. And for those eager to see their sustainable practices in action, Botanist and Barrel opens its doors to visitors on weekends for food, music, and an unforgettable farm experience.

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