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the Intuitive Women's Circle

Harnessing the power of feminine intuition + the wisdom only a council of women; focused on natural methods of healing & home healthcare

Private group, monthly group health masterminds, training on EFT, Muscle Testing, herbs, oils, holistic foods & more!

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Join us as we use some of my favorite tools to hone our skills of muscle testing & personal protocol building. Using this tool you will be able to more accurately pinpoint & target the health needs in your home. 

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Lacey Grim

Following curiosity to create a better, more self-sufficient life.

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hello there! i'm lacey + i'm glad you're here. 

Need an 'ideas gal'?

The Holistic Homestead Fast Forward

You bought a homestead, now what?!

We have been growing, fencing, rearing, canning, and living a back-to-basics life for a long time. Decades. So many are seeking a more self-sufficient and fulfilling lifestyle, and we are here to help.

With over 4 decades of joint experience, 20 years of marriage, 4 kids ages 17-6, Lacey & Drew offer Homesteading guidance to help you fast-forward your move to more sustainability & connection.

Schedule an online or in-person homestead audit ASAP! These one-on-one overviews of your goals, property will help you get focus, clarity and doable steps to move the needle forward in a powerful way.  We have online & In person options available--choose the right path for you!

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The Holistic Living & Growing Podcast

The Schoolhouse Life podcast is all about bite-size chunks of wisdom we hope to help your homestead become more holistic.

After years and years of trying, doing, failing & succeeding, we are eager to share our story with those who are getting started on the path of self-sufficiency. 

Whether you live in an apartment and just want to be more empowered through herbalism and natural medicine, or you're knee deep in a homestead disaster of fencing, finicky animals and demanding children--be encouraged and inspired by the tidbits we share.

Always real, always honest--listening to Drew & Lacey is an easy way to feel re-connected & at ease with wherever you are on your journey, right now! 

(available wherever you listen!) 

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The Tweak

Lacey's gift is Strategic thinking & Idea having--her resourcefulness and big picture thinking and years of experience in momming, entrepreneuring, homeschooling & holistic living give her a unique ability to help others see their situation objectively. 

Full of hope & eager to inspire, Lacey has a way of seeing things, making little shifts, and helping others make tiny pivots that help them move the needle forward. 

Whether your home-life & routine or your business idea need a little outside perspective, or you need help seeing just what it is you were put here to do, Lacey would love to help!

Schedule a Tweak with Lacey today & get some clarity, confidence & re-commit to living a life that is both satisfying and successful--by YOUR standards!


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Get the first chapter of I Belong here for FREE

Ignite your C4 read the first chapter for FREE

let's work together! 

Ready for more freedom? 

Want to live a life of more self-reliance?

Stop relying so much on your job, the grocery store and the 'systems'?

Always wanted to start a homestead? Homeschool? Live more naturally or explore your inner Entrepreneur?

You're capable of more than you think, and I can help.

Join our online forum of like-minded self-sufficiency craving folks.

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Want to master your health naturally?

Want solutions that are safe and effective?

Want a protocol that's easy to follow and gives you results?

Ready for less dependency on doctors?

Crave to know more about YOUR body and YOUR health?

Health has never mattered more--Schedule a FREE consult with me TODAY!

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Need a Tweak?

Want to start or grow a business that serves and satisfies?

Need advice in designing the life & career you've always wanted?

Want to work less but go to sleep feeling fulfilled?

Need a fresh perspective?

Let me help. Sometimes it just takes chatting with someone who can see the bigger picture--& that is my gift. <3

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oh, and I wrote a book!

It may be for you if:

You feel like you're doing ALL the things, but not moving forward?

You need a way to figure out WHAT you're doing wrong? 

You want a simple formula that will help you find the gaps and FIX them?

You need inspiration, motivation and new strategies that are custom fit for you.

You keep itting the SAME roadblocks again and again.

You feel silly for not feeling satisfied.

You are struggling with guilt + shame because you SHOULD be happy, but aren't.

What it's about:

Reconnecting you to your own uniqueness.

Helping you create your own roadmap.

Alleviating imposter syndrome

Guiding you toward the RIGHT kinds of self-development

Giving you THE tools you can come back to again and again to get YOUR life flowing.

Blowing up old beliefs that have you stuck on repeat

Exploding your success so you can live a life of abundance + satisfaction

Shining a light on the path that those you see who ARE successful are all on.

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I Belong Here is a workbook--in it you'll put pen to paper and create your own path out of stuckness + dissatisfaction and into confidence + success.

This book is not a map--this book builds YOUR map.

The c4 quiz and exercises in this book will move you forward, build your belief, connect you to your passions and give you the inspiration you need to do what you were put here to do. 

You're not only capable of the things you have on your heart to do--that's why you're here!

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