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15+ homesteaders from all over the world teach you how to make homesteading work. Ruth Ann Zimmerman, Pork Rhyne, Nathalie of Living the Dream Permaculture and many more!

20+ homeschooling experts share their homeschooling journey, top resources, + what's worked for them--pre-k to graduation.

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15+ homesteaders from all over the world teach you how to make homesteading work.
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20+ homeschooling experts share their homeschooling journey and what's worked for them.

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Plant medicine can be easy and your family should have these tools at their fingertips. I'll teach you how here.

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Drew, Lacey and their family are great! They offer quality products and amazing education opportunities for learning healthy and natural ways of living! Highly recommend visiting and participating in upcoming events! The farm camp is an awesome opportunity for children and their parents! - Tammy

We had Lacey and Drew Grim out for a land audit. We are so excited to get started on the plan that will lead us to utilize water management. They are a wealth of information and inspiration that will eventually help us reach our ultimate goal of self-sufficiency.  - Nicole

Having drew out for a homestead audit helped me better understand where to prioritize my efforts in getting my homestead started. I’m confident that I avoided mistakes that would have been made if I would not have had him come out. - Brandon

My daughter adored her time at was so nice to learn about food and plants and have true hands on experience. We will definitely do it again ☺️ age was quite proud of her quiche as well and now eats more eggs bc she helped so much.

Rebel One Farms had an awesome time yesterday learning how to process a cow! We learned from the knowledgeable and highly skilled Applied Anatomist! Processing your own meat is definitely a lost art. We were happy to learn this skill to put in our toolkit to assist us in our sustainable farming journey! Thank you The Schoolhouse Life for putting on an awesome event! We are looking forward to attending future events! - Rebel One

I really enjoyed having the material broken up into 3 days and watching it as I was able to. Great variety of topics and speakers! - Kimberly

It's a real skill helping people learn things in an easy and entertaining way, you have that gift. You don't talk above me or confuse me. You have a way of unfolding it all in an understandable way. it's a dying art! - Janet

The value in each of the skills presented will show up in how I utilize any of what I learned. Learning about soldier flies and their value as food for animals and enriching compost and soil. I keep a compost pile so now I have something else to make it better. Talking with Raylen about weaving and making yarn inspires me to learn more. Learning how to better care for knives as they are essential in the kitchen. - Alison

Drew and Lacey are honestly the first people who come to mind when I want to learn something else about homesteading. They’ve been very kind with answering questions and have inspired me to trust my intuition in my approach to gardening and homeschooling. Our daughters love visiting their farm and looked forward to forest school each month. I personally appreciate their willingness to take the reins on building community and and for working so tirelessly to help people learn and grow. The Grims are great.

Lacey and Drew are hands down two of the coolest teachers around, I only wish that they, and the concept of Forest School, was around when I was younger. My girls and I participated in the Spring session of 2021 and we ALL learned so much! Not only did we actually gain knowledge on useful outdoor information, it was incredibly fun! We walked away with a better understanding of nature, survival skills, and healthy living, plus we even gained a few new friends. For the price, seriously, this class is a steal! And especially in todays world, we could all use a little extra outdoor with friends time! I would definitely recommend this place! - Courtney

Our family participated in Forest School from September to December 2021 and absolutely loved it. Our kids (ages 2 and 4) were some of the youngest there, but that didn’t stop them from participating in the nature walks and discussions. My oldest really enjoyed learning about trees, ponds, birds, and seeds, and would often mention the things he learned in the weeks between sessions. He also loved memorizing the nature poems each month and has all of them committed to heart now. I would highly recommend Forest School to any family who wants a Charlotte Mason/nature-based approach to learning. It is so good to see my children soaking up true outside time in nature and learning so much about it. Thank you! - Jaimie

My favorite thing was seeing so many people doing their version of homesteading and willing to share what they've learned. The variety of presenters was really stellar. I stuck with the chickens, gardening, and monetizing presentations. I will not be getting into the other animals so didn't want to fill my mind with "if onlys," but it was great that those presentations were available for participants who are ready for it or wanting to get involved in those aspects. I'm near retirement so am focusing on building infrastructure and making the property I've got meet my needs/desires. - Robin

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Lacey + Drew have been pursuing the self-sufficient life for over 20 years.

With their combined knowledge as a Holistic Health Coach, Certified Permaculture Designers, and an Accredited Professional through Savory Institute--

We help you find clarity and confidence, strategy and practical know-how for living out the homestead vision of your dreams.


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