Discover Botanist and Barrel: Embracing the Art of Natural Fermentation

Jul 28, 2023

I am thrilled to take you on an exciting journey to explore the world of natural fermentation and cider-making with Botanist and Barrel. Join me as I dive into a captivating conversation with Deric, one of the minds behind Botanist and Barrel, a local food producer that is making waves in the world of natural fermenting.

The Story Begins: Introducing Botanist and Barrel

In this podcast episode, I introduce you to Botanist and Barrel, a beloved local food producer known for its exceptional natural fermentations. I can't hide my excitement about talking to Deric and learning more about their passion for locally sourced produce and natural fermentation.

The Journey to the Blueberry Farm: Discovering the Roots of Botanist and Barrel

Deric, from Botanist and Barrel, shares with me the origins of their story, which began at Cedar Grove Blueberry Farm. With a background in pastry and dessert making, Deric naturally gravitated towards fermentation. In 2014, he, along with his wife Kether and other family members, became stewards of the farm, which now houses over 1200 blueberry bushes. This intriguing background set the stage for Botanist and Barrel to emerge, rooted in natural fermentation.

A Family Affair: The Essence of Botanist and Barrel

As we continue our conversation, it becomes evident that Botanist and Barrel is a family affair. Kether's family, with its direct lineage to fermentation in France, brings a rich history and expertise to the table. Deric's passion for berries and fermentation aligns perfectly with the family's values, creating a seamless collaboration.

The Art of Cider and Wine: Understanding the Process

Deric provides me with valuable insights into the world of cider and wine production. While both beverages share similar processes, apples are used for cider, while grapes and other fruits are used for wine. Botanist and Barrel takes pride in its orchard-to-glass approach, utilizing well-balanced apples and other fruits for fermentation.

From Orchard to Table: Sourcing Local and Healthful Fruits

One of the standout features of Botanist and Barrel is their commitment to sourcing local and healthful fruits. Deric shares that they are fortunate to take over several orchards in different regions to ensure the highest quality fruit selection. This allows them to maintain control over the process, resulting in delicious, probiotic-rich beverages.

Unlocking the Magic: The Spontaneous Fermentation Process

The magic behind Botanist and Barrel's ciders lies in their spontaneous fermentation process. They allow the natural yeast from the orchard to initiate the fermentation, resulting in a probiotic-rich product that preserves the fruit's unique characteristics. Deric explains that they monitor the fermentation process carefully, ensuring the perfect balance of sugar, acid, and tannins.

Sharing the Love: Where to Find Botanist and Barrel

For those eager to taste the delicious ciders and wines from Botanist and Barrel, you can find them at several local places around Durham, Raleigh, and Asheville. Additionally, they offer online ordering and shipping through their website, allowing cider enthusiasts from various states to enjoy their exceptional products.

My journey to discover Botanist and Barrel has been a testament to the beauty of natural fermentation and the art of cider-making. With a deep appreciation for locally sourced, healthful fruits and a commitment to preserving the unique flavors of each batch, they have created a refreshing and exciting range of ciders and wines that delight taste buds and showcase the essence of the orchard. Whether you're a cider connoisseur or simply curious about the world of fermentation, Botanist and Barrel invites you to savor the flavors of nature and embark on a journey through orchard-to-glass craftsmanship.

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