The Schoolhouse Life

The Schoolhouse Life

Hosted by: Drew & Lacey Grim

You can be self-sufficient. Grow your own food, homeschool your kids, use plants for medicine, and run a side gig. We believe that and We want to help. Life is a schoolhouse, we can learn new things + be better...


How to use Natural First aid on the homestead!

Season #3 Episode #27

We are going deep into the world of natural medicine and how to use essential oils to keep your family and homestead healthy.  What’s your go-to for natural farming?  Don't forget to leave us a review and check out...
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Ready to stop drowning in homeschool?

Season #3 Episode #26

Feel like you’re depriving your children? Maybe you own your own business and are also homeschooling your kids—this combo can be like a side act at the circus with plates of every size spinning on plates balanced on...
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Are you looking at your homestead like a business? with "Pork" Rhyne

Season #3 Episode #25

Rhyne is a super passionate man that knows a ton about farm business and farming pigs. He’s traveled the world speaking on the topics and has a ton of knowledge to share from some very different perspectives.  We were...
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How to best utilize water on the homestead💧

Season #3 Episode #24

The most important thing on the homestead is water. We are exploring all the ways to work with water and store water. We share what's worked for us and what hasn't.  We'd love for you to share this episode and leave...
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How to turn your homestead dirt into soil🌱

Season #3 Episode #23

Before you grab that fertilizer to give your plants a little boost listen to this episode. We are talking about all the ways you can naturally turn that dirt into living soil that will give your plants and homestead a...
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How to use nature as the ultimate guide to personal growth🌱

Season #3 Episode #22

Have you ever noticed that personal growth doesn't always help you get away from the problems that you're working so hard on? Don't get me wrong, we do get better and we do grow, but it seems like sometimes we come...
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Have Slob Shame? Let's commiserate with Stephanie of The Secret Slob

Season #3 Episode #21

We all have the secret room, the one with the door we can close when guests come over. Heck, we may have more than one of those. e-hem.  Like anything in life, maybe it's more to-do with our lack of planning than it...
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How to detox your homestead products and use natural cleaners and more.

Season #3 Episode #20

A lot of cleaning products have some deadly chemicals in them that are making you and your family sick. The good news is there are plenty of ways to clean up those cleaners and make your home safer and healthier. Take...
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Wish you had an herbalist in your pocket? with Brittany Wood Nickerson

Season #3 Episode #19

Brittany Nickerson of @thymeherbal has created incredible ways to access the healing and medicinal qualities of herbs in really simple ways! Her posters and books give people a chance to learn how to tie herbs into...
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How to Plan the PERFECT homestead👨🏼‍🌾

Season #3 Episode #18

We went live in our Schoolhouse Life FB Group a few weeks ago about planning and starting from scratch.  We covered so much and answered some really good questions so we decided we had to share this with you all on...
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Are you in survival or growth mode? with Dr. Alex

Season #3 Episode #17

Dr. Alexsandra Vujnovic shares how her practice as a chiropractor helps folks regain a state of thriving balance. Her wisdom on how we can all achieve better health in simpler and less invasive ways are encouraging...
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How To Use Natural Medicine For Allergy Season

Season #3 Episode #16

There is pollen all over now in the southeast and people are having to play the same game as last year. "pollen or pandemic?" in the grocery store. Trust me as an allergy sufferer sneezing is pretty awkward...
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