A Year of Lessons from Owning a Vacation Rental

Season #4

Welcome, friends, to an insightful journey into the heart of vacation rental ownership! Lacey and Drew here, sharing our rollercoaster ride of a year with our beloved Airbnb property, Sparta Holler Hall. Whether you’re toying with the idea of diving into the rental world or you’re a seasoned host looking for fresh insights, this episode is packed with our real-life lessons, triumphs, and the occasional stumble. Grab your notebook, and let's dive in!

In This Episode:

  • The Adventure Begins: We kick things off by taking you back to where it all started – buying and setting up our dream Airbnb. From the initial scramble to get everything ready to welcoming our first guests, hear about the journey from homesteaders to vacation rental owners.

  • A Little More Than Homesteading: Discover how integrating a vacation rental into our homestead life has opened up new avenues for income, allowing us to embrace an off-grid, self-sufficient lifestyle more fully.

  • Hard-Knock Lessons: It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, and we’re here to share the challenges and learning curves we've faced. From understanding guest expectations to navigating the complexities of the rental market, we're laying it all out.

  • Identifying Your Ideal Guest: Learn why knowing who you’re hosting is crucial and how it influences everything from property design to marketing strategies. We share how we designed Sparta Holler Hall with medium-sized families in mind, creating a space we’d love as guests.

  • The Business Side of Things: Peek behind the curtain at the operational side of running a vacation rental. We discuss everything from marketing your property and managing bookings to the importance of direct communication and building a brand beyond Airbnb.

  • Practical Advice for Aspiring Hosts: Considering becoming a host? We’ve got you covered with actionable tips on getting started, what to expect, and how to create a standout guest experience.

  • Q&A with Lacey and Drew: We answer some of the most common questions we get about running a vacation rental, from dealing with unexpected issues to maximizing your property’s appeal.

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Until next time, keep cultivating your own slice of paradise and exploring new ways to live authentically and sustainably. Cheers to your adventure, whether it's in homesteading, vacation renting, or beyond!