The Human Powered Approach to Winter Grazing and Pasture Building

Season #4

Join Lacey and Drew, your homestead health and business strategists with nearly 40 years of experience, on The Schoolhouse Life's "I Bought a Homestead, Now What?" podcast. In this episode, they dive into the fascinating world of human-powered homesteading and share a quick tip on winter grazing.

Discover why skipping the tractor might be the key to a more efficient, peaceful, and deeply rooted homesteading journey. The duo discusses the art of bale grazing during winter, offering insights on techniques, pitfalls, and the long-term benefits of this approach. Learn how to build your pasture for spring while connecting with your flock and saving on expenses.

Whether you're a seasoned homesteader or just starting, this podcast episode will inspire, ease, and answer questions you didn't even know to ask. Don't miss out on the strategic wisdom and practical tips that will transform your homesteading experience. Tune in every month on Wednesdays for more valuable insights from The Schoolhouse Life