Thriving Gardens in 2024: Crafting a Diverse Plant List for a Bountiful Season

Season #4

In this episode, we dive deep into the exciting world of gardening as we lay out our comprehensive plant list for the upcoming 2024 season. Join us on this journey of planning and cultivating a garden that not only delights the senses but also provides a wealth of fresh produce and natural beauty.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction to Our Garden: We kick things off by sharing our enthusiasm for gardening and our plans for the 2024 season. From favorite topics to the potential of the coming year, we set the stage for an exciting conversation.

  2. The Art of Gravity Gardening: Explore the concept of gravity gardening as we discuss the joy of letting nature do the heavy lifting and the benefits of experimenting with different planting methods.

  3. Seed Planting Strategies: Delve into the world of seed planting, from the advantages of sowing seeds outdoors in the fall to the thrill of surprise successes in unexpected places. Learn how we approach the challenges and joys of seed starting.

  4. Gardening Philosophy: Discover our evolving gardening philosophy, from learning hard lessons about plant care to finding the perfect balance between nurturing plants and allowing them to thrive naturally.

  5. Favorite Gardening Books: Get insights into our go-to gardening resources and the books that play a crucial role in shaping our approach. Explore how we incorporate knowledge from various sources into our garden planning.

  6. Defining Garden Edges: Hear about our experiences in defining the edges of our garden, including the significant impact of installing a deer fence. Learn about ongoing efforts to create more defined edges, making gardening more manageable and enjoyable.

  7. Wetland Planting and Pond Improvements: Dive into our plans for wetland areas around the pond, including the creation of an edible hedge ("fedge") and the introduction of various wetland plants. Explore our efforts to improve the clarity of the pond and introduce plants that thrive in wetland environments.

  8. Plant Lists for 2024: We break down our plant list into categories, including trees, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Explore our choices for each category and the reasoning behind our selections.

  9. Practical Tips for Planting: Gain valuable tips on budgeting for plant purchases, propagating plants for future growth, and the importance of planning infrastructure before plant arrivals.


As we wrap up this episode, we invite you to share your own plant lists and gardening experiences. Connect with fellow plant enthusiasts, share the joy of gardening, and stay tuned for more episodes packed with inspiration and practical tips.

Thank you for joining us on this gardening adventure! Don't forget to share this episode with friends and fellow gardeners. Happy planting! 🌱🌸🌳