We Have Milk! - The Story Of How

Season #3

  • Greetings, dear listeners! Welcome to another episode of "Homesteading Happenings." Today, we're diving into the latest developments in our dairy department, sharing both our triumphs and challenges.

Segment 1: Progress in the Dairy Department

  • We kick off with a quick overview of the progress we've made in the dairy department on our homestead. From coaxing our cow into the barn to the successful implementation of halter training, we've overcome hurdles that might resonate with fellow homesteaders.

Segment 2: The Halter Training Journey

  • Drew takes the lead in narrating the journey of halter training our cow. A strategic approach involving alfalfa cubes and consistent effort twice a day over two weeks laid the foundation for success. We discuss the importance of patience in this slow but rewarding process.

Segment 3: Milking Success & Efficiency

  • Lacy delves into the challenges of getting the cow to stand still during milking. Tightening the halter and introducing alfalfa cubes during the process proved to be game-changers. We share our experiences with efficiency, discussing the balance between feeding and milking.

Segment 4: Community Support vs. Internet Advice

  • Reflecting on our experiences, we emphasize the significance of seeking advice from trusted friends and local connections rather than solely relying on internet forums. We touch upon an instance where online advice proved overwhelming and not necessarily applicable to our unique homesteading approach.

Segment 5: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

  • As we refine our milking process, we reflect on the lessons learned. The importance of community support, creativity in problem-solving, and the unique aspects of our homestead come into focus. We share how our approach differs from conventional wisdom and the ongoing learning process.


  • Wrapping up, we express our excitement about achieving about a half a gallon of milk daily, perfectly aligning with our family's needs. We encourage listeners to share this episode with fellow homesteaders and to reach out with their thoughts and questions. Happy homesteading!


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