Field-Harvesting Cattle: A Deep Dive Into the Sacred Journey

Season #3

Welcome to another riveting episode of The Schoolhouse Life where hosts Drew & Lacey take you on a profound journey into the world of self-harvesting, challenging conventional norms and celebrating the sacredness of life and death.

Episode Focus: In this episode, we reflect on the recent self-harvesting experience of our second cow, delving into the intricacies of the process and exploring the emotional and spiritual dimensions that accompany such a transformative journey.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Beyond Picking:

    • Harvesting is more than a mere act of picking; it's a deeply involved and fascinating journey that most people never get to witness or participate in.
  2. Challenges in the Food System:

    • Discussion on the goal of eliminating the middleman in beef processing.
    • Reflection on challenges faced during the recent COVID crisis, revealing our lack of control over the food system.
  3. The Intimate Harvesting Process:

    • Decision to shoot the cow in its natural habitat for a full-circle event.
    • Emphasis on intentionality and alignment with principles of regeneration.
  4. Emotional Weight of Self-Harvesting:

    • Comparative reflections on healthcare systems, home births, and education.
    • Discussion on the vulnerability of learning and its connection to intimate experiences.
  5. Herd's Unexpected Reaction:

    • Exploration of the herd's emotional and spiritual connections during the harvesting process.
    • Insights into the lead bull's unique response and the unexpected depth of the experience.
  6. Family Involvement:

    • Active participation of children in various stages, learning anatomy, and gaining a deep understanding of life's interconnectedness.
  7. Holistic Approach:

    • Consideration of potential uses for various parts of the harvested animal.
    • Highlighting a holistic approach that goes beyond mere consumption.
  8. Nutritional Benefits and Criticisms:

    • Addressing common criticisms of self-harvesting.
    • Exploration of the nutritional benefits of ethically raised animals.
  9. Spiritual and Nutritional Aspects:

    • Emphasis on the spiritual and nutritional aspects that accompany the self-harvesting experience.
    • Encouragement for listeners to join the conversation and share their thoughts and questions.

Invitation: Tune in to "The Schoolhouse Life" for a unique perspective that challenges conventional norms, celebrates the interconnectedness of all things, and invites you to be part of a transformative exploration into the sacred aspects of self-harvesting.