How to Milk a Cow?

Season #3

  1. Introduction and Expectations:

    • Introduction to Liesl, the dairy cow, and the initial plan to milk her.
    • Surprise arrival of Liesl's calf, catching the hosts off guard and requiring adjustments in plans.
    • Differences in approach and communication between the hosts in managing farm responsibilities.
  2. Challenges Faced:

    • Difficulties in getting Liesl into the barn and initial attempts to introduce her to the milking environment.
    • Conflicting opinions and methods from online sources and communities regarding milking cows.
    • Struggles in managing Liesl's feeding habits, considering regenerative grazing principles.
  3. Lessons in Trust and Adaptation:

    • Insights from a friend about the importance of building trust with Liesl, transitioning to a personalized, trust-based approach.
    • Challenges in implementing online advice, recognizing the individuality of animals, and understanding their personalities and needs.
    • Acknowledgment of ongoing challenges and uncertainties in the milking process, emphasizing the need for patience and adaptation.
  4. Hope for the Future and Community Engagement:

    • Discussion about the learning curve in milking a cow, considering the calf's presence during the milking process.
    • Expression of gratitude for listeners' support and encouragement.
    • Invitation for listeners to share their own experiences and engage in the conversation on social media.