Why NOT to keep a distance: Touch = better health. Especially for babies!

Season #2 Episode #24

Feeling aggressive? Short-tempered? Straight angry? You probably need to touch someone, and that can be REAL tricky right now. 

It turns out, the thing we're avoiding most right now may have a major role to play in our overall health, and Khyati knows all about that! 

We may not be able to touch, hug or even shake hands like we don't even know we're craving, but we can do some things at home together!

As mother Teresa says--'If you want to heal the world, start with your own family.' So, let's bring touch back in our homes with infant (and other family to family) massage!

Unfortunately, American culture teaches us that touch is always sexual, and that cultural norm can keep us from creating real bonds that help us heal at a really fundamental level--baby massage helps us retrain ourselves to embrace our craving for touch, and use it to promote healing + deeper human connections.

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