What do you know about the beef you are eating?

Dec 26, 2021
We’ve been conditioned to remove the nutrients from our meat and waste it. But the good news is we can change that.
I think the reasoning behind it is multifaceted. As a society, we have sped up our meal preparation time. We sacrificed health and nutrition for convenience and time.
All the while the meat industry convinced us that certain cuts with the fat and nutrients removed were more valuable and unfortunately we believed them.
Now we are in this place where the cuts of meat we eat are lacking good quality fat, we trim it all away and throw it out. What could be making us healthy has very little impact? IF we are eating good meat.
If we are eating meat from fast food or CAFO lots the meat, fats, tendons, organs are full of antibiotics and toxins that are fed to cows.
Consuming this only leads to a less healthy life. Our bodies react to those with inflammatory responses and autoimmune diseases. Obesity is a result of poor nutrition. Most of us already know that.
But what I want to suggest is that we change the cuts of meats we eat. The kinds of meat we eat IF we aren’t eating grass-fed from local farmers.
We demand cuts with all the fat on them. Meat that has been aged over 45 days. Meat that has never been frozen.
What would our lives and health look like, if we ate meat like that, consumed the organ meats and drank the broth?
I have no doubt we would all be way healthier and so would our local economies.
I spent the whole day at Timshell Wildland with The Farmstead Meat smith and learned how to butcher a cow from start to finish. Learned that there is a better way to consume a cow. A healthier and more robust way.
I want to encourage you to start thinking about not just what you are eating. But how you are eating it? Work with your local farmer and ask for more wholesome cuts with more fat and more tendons. Learn how to cook these cuts so you can become healthier from your food and make your dollar go further.

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