Technology can not save you📴

Nov 17, 2021

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity - Albert Einstein

I'm not saying that all technology is bad. There are some huge breakthroughs that have saved lives and made our lives easier.

But and this is a big but!

The farther we stray down the technology path the worse things seem to be getting.

Take a listen to this weeks podcast as we venture into technology and how we can find a better way. (Apple, Spotify, Web)

A few years ago I sat at a park in downtown Greensboro. Some kids were playing soccer and they kicked the ball into this giant net sculpture that hung above the park.

The ball was totally stuck in the net.

So one of them took their other ball they had and threw it at the stuck one.

That ball got stuck too!

One by one I watched them take off their shoes and throw them at the two stuck balls.

At the end of this charade, they all got on their bikes and rode away, there was only one kid left with one shoe. four of the others were just in socks.

This to me is exactly what we are doing with the current problems. We are throwing more and more technology into the giant net sculpture thing.

I'm talking about machines now hiring and firing amazon workers

Or the insane depression rate in teen girls from Instagram

The list goes on and on.

Now the tech giants are telling us they can save us from the pandemic with a brand new technologically advanced vaccine.

That the way to solve the "climate change" issue is with more technology.

To have solar energy we need to build solar panels, to have wind power we need to build wind turbines.

Instead, I propose that we stop with the technology and take a step back.

I'm ok with green energy. But what I'm not ok with is saying that there is no downside. All the power plants are full steam ahead to charge the electric cars.

The electrical parts in those cars are coming from some other part of the world that is being mined for its minerals.

How about instead of all this nonsense we slow down.

We scale down.

We simplify our lives

We descale the food system

We stop the haste and the instant gratification.

We think we need more technology because we have been told to think we need more.

I think of my grandma taking off the tin foil and washing it, to use it again. We can do better and should be doing better.

What I am saying is how about if you and I find ways to save this world without technology?

That we don't need MORE technology, we need LESS technology.

When we get there we will be able to be more satisfied, more connected, and more aware of what's happening in this world.

My challenge to you is to find a way to cut out some technology from your life. Cancel that Amazon account and instead buy from your community. (just an idea)

Peace and Love,
Drew and Lacey
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