Food Crisis or System Crisis?

Jan 02, 2022
Not gonna lie. At first, I kinda panicked when I read this. Kudos to the headline writer you got me. I think on the same hand we can all agree there’s something more happening in the world that’s not good.
When I stop and calm myself I realize that we don’t have to participate in the system. By system, I mean the food system.
Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to connect with local farmers and with our community. In my soul, there’s be a sense of urgency and mission behind it.
I think this is the very reason. Because I know that with hard work we can opt-out. We can leave the grocery store. We can support local farmers and artisans. We can consume nutrient-rich food that nourishes us. That when our community eats it nourishes them. And when we all buy it, it supports our small farmers.
We can close the loop! It’s such a grand idea that it intimidates me and makes me so excited about the potential too!
So here’s my call to your action!
Stop the global food crisis by checking out of it.
1- Find local people doing what we do and support them.
2 - if you can’t find them. Make it. Join forces and make it happen
3 - skip the grocery store. Make the grocery store your backup and make the farmers your go-to. It takes discipline and the undoing of habits. But it’s worth it for so many reasons!
Together we can rewrite this headline.
“Local communities find food in their communities and everyone is living a better life.”

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