Birth in the year of Shmita

Jan 11, 2022
So, it's a new year.

Here's to making it a year of accomplishing less, scrambling no more and retreating into rest, deep wholeness and the MOST satisfying sense of completeness.

The new year tends to be a time we reflect on what we've accomplished in the last 12 months, take stock on where we could have done better, and press onward into the new year with new goals, new ambitions and a clean slate ready to be marked up with all the many things a year can fill up with.

If the past 2 years have taught me anything, it's that the spinning of the world is much less valuable than I thought it was. That forced slowness gave me a chance to wake-up. Has it done that for you?

It can be tempting to try to get back to the hustle--distracting ourselves with the busy-ness of life can give us comfort. But, do all those to-dos satiate our deep need for real connection?

In a recent conversation with my friend Ariela Sharon of @olam_mama we really dug deep into the meaning of femininity. As a birth expert, she has a unique view into the human right of passage that exists so long as new life does. Childbirth and womanhood can offer us so many insights to our modern world.

On top of that we dug into Shmita (the year of release), its feminine-ness, and while that may all sound woo-woo and esoteric--we found it might very well represent the underpinnings of the crisis the world is experiencing right now.

Have we lost touch with our feminine nature? Our intuitiveness? Our exhale? Our ability for receiving without achieving?

'Down with the patriarchy' may sound like the chant of a crazed crowd of anti-masculinity folk, but be assured, neither Ariela or I believe we should shame any gender. But, maybe we could allow the rooted, soft, tender and nurturing parts of this world to spend some time in the front seat; making space to see what happens, to hold hands out and open waiting for our needs to be filled instead of chasing them full-speed ahead--play the vixen, the temptress, the muse.

Have a listen, and share your thoughts! Do you think the world would benefit from femininity taking the lead for a bit?

Peace and Love,
Drew and Lacey

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