The Big darkness can be penetrated by the smallest flicker

Dec 12, 2021
One candle lights another, and another, and each night more can be seen.
Hanukkah reminds us that big darkness can be penetrated by the smallest flicker, and a single flicker has boundless potential to light up more.
If you haven't heard about what's happening in Australia, I'd encourage you to read about the new legislation they just passed.
If I'd had to pick a country I thought most similarly matched American ideals and culture --they were it. It has me worried that such a place can have made such a detrimental transition without more commentary.
But Hanukkah reminds me, small people can do big things when Truth is on their side.
I'm praying for my Australian friends whose hope is diminished. Whose lights are waning. I'm praying for us. Praying the little flickers I see from the hearts of people continue to outshine the shadow and curtains that seem to be trying to keep them out of sight.
The world needs more hope. More love. More freedom, more sovereignty.
Light candles. Look for them. They aren't as few as they may seem, and their potential is without bounds--they can burn the bushel that tries to keep them contained.

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