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Dec 23, 2021

Have you noticed? There's a migration happening right now, from the desk chair to the garden bed. From the e-business to the dirty fingernails, from the fast-paced hustle of the corporate world to the demands of crafting a truly nourishing home base. From reliance to resilience.

It's about time.

It took the disaster of pandemic and the mayhem that continues to unfold around it. It took fear, it took frenzy, it took a shock for us to re-route and for many, get back on course.

I don't know that everyone has made it. Sadly, many are mourning what once was--they're grasping at straws, relenting freedoms and trying hard to conjure a way to come back in step with the 'normal' that will simply never be again.

Don't worry. Sense will return, even from the senseless. It always does. When things fall, they always land, stabilize and the intense feeling of confusion during the suspension of the fall comes to an end. We're almost entirely there.

And for those of us that have landed, we are sinking more deeply into the comfort of knowing what is True. What matters. What is deep, rooted and everlasting. Is this you?

In our recent chats with folks on Ask Lacey + Drew calls, during our farmer mastermind sessions, and when meeting folks new to the homesteading lifestyle we are having the same conversations again and again. In spite of job losses, new lifestyle restrictions, lives completely changing course for so many--people are confident.

And these same people are asking questions like it's their new life purpose. And they're learning, absorbing and applying new found skills like they were meant for this--I'd venture to say they were. We all were.

We were built to have the ground beneath our feet. We were designed to feel the stress of working with animals and the satisfaction of eating the fruits of our own labors. We were intended to live in reliance of the weather, to understand the cycles of the moon and the deep darkness of the winter blasted away by the fullness of the brightest winter's moon on the shortest of days. This is the calling of every human--though they may not have heard it.

In a homestead forum recently an inquisitor posed the question 'why do you all choose this way of life, even though it's more expensive, harder and less profitable?'

To which I replied, 'why do people who opt out of this life choose that? Because it's cheaper? Easier? This is life, and paying someone else to live mine for me would lead to a very shallow existence.'

For the folks migrating out of the cities and suburbs onto the farm lands and back to the earth there's a new understanding about what's valuable and what is invaluable.

What price can you put on the birthday cake for which the carrots were picked, washed and grated only hours before it was iced? How do you monetize the blackberry jam fresh from the pantry that tastes like the hottest of July days you stood in the sun and popped the ripest fruits straight into your mouth? And is the market value on the lamb roast in the oven for dinner that you watched be born and raised to grown only to butcher yourself the same as any from behind a counter?

People are resilient. People are learning quickly. People are reaching out, asking questions and tapping into all the resources they can get their hands on.

As disconnected as we have gotten from the natural ways of the world around, we can snap back into it with record-breaking speed and ease because, as I said before, we are MEANT for this place, this earth, this life. The weak, the out of shape, the addicts, the depressed, the gamers, the IT folks, the prissy, the pedicured, the pampered--each one belongs right here. They may not identify or hear the calling--but their flesh and bones are made from the same stuff as the earth; no polys, non-homogenized,  unpasteurized, not saturated--raw, unfiltered, and unsynthesized.

So, if you're feeling the call to migrate more into the fulfilling life of calloused hands, sore backs, being warmed by the sun, led by the cycles of the moon, connected with the sometimes finicky but constant rhythms of the seasons--you've got this. You were built for this, and your capacity as a human to harmonize with this very earth goes back centuries. YOUR ancestors were farmers. YOUR ancestors were builders. YOUR ancestors grew things. YOUR ancestors danced in the light of the Cold Winter's Moon. It is in your blood.

Have a listen to this podcast with our friend Danielle, she is migrating quickly from the world of reliance to the world of resilience, and her new garden + property are already reaping huge rewards for her efforts!

Peace and Love,
Drew and Lacey

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