Ask Drew & Lacey: How to be relevant in a barter/trade system and more...

Sep 23, 2021


"Only in community with others has each individual the means of cultivating his gifts in all directions; only in the community, therefore, is personal freedom possible." - Karl Marx

With all the crazy that's been happening in this world I think we all have been wondering "do I have the skills to help my family if I cant be part of the regular society, could I do it all?".

I think it's a totally valid question and one that is totally ok for you to be asking.

The answer is No

First, let me say to be truly self-sufficient you need a community. I know this sounds ironic but we can't do it all and really we shouldn't do it all.

Even when you watch little house on the prairie they didn't do it all.

They had a doctor, a lumber mill, a general store, so on and so...

On our most recent podcast, Candice asked us the question how can she be relevant in a community like that of Little House?

Take a listen to the podcast here (AppleSpotifyWeb)

If you have a milkman, a blacksmith, a lumbermill, everyone you know has chickens with eggs, or meat. How do you have something of value?

What if you don't have anything that anyone else needs?

That is kind of a scary thought.

But here's the deal you matter, you have something of value in your community, it might not be milk but maybe you can help the milkman organize his papers.

Maybe you can organize a kids event for all the other people.

A true community is going to take care of each other.

I say we focus more on creating and growing a community. A true community of people that care for each other.

If you haven't already started bringing people together. Bring them together to get to know each other. Create a network that will help each other.

Ask each person that you invite to invite one other person they know. Real quick you'll have a start of a community. Schedule regular meetings and start nurturing friendships. (if you need more ideas on how to do this reply to the email and we'll help you)

Stop shopping online, stop shopping at Walmart and other places that don't allow you to live your best life. It's hard I know but now is the time to pull that plug.

Start shopping local

Start finding farmers that sell what you want to eat, start trading with them now.

Start finding the parents homeschooling and create a group with them.

Keep your money and your energy in your community with the people you want to do business with. More than ever we need to do that.

In our new podcast we get into all kinds of fun questions with Candice, she doesn't take it easy on us with her questions, and it's super.
Take a listen here (AppleSpotifyWeb)

Not sure where to start with homesteading?

Try The Homestead Open House


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