Adrenal Fatigue Aka the mothering-syndrome (Part 4)

Jan 18, 2023
tools for adrenal fatigue

Wow. That's a lot. 

So don't do it all. Ever. Ask for help, do it bit by bit. 

Modern culture is 'on-demand'. Bingey, indulgent and generally overfed. We are an all or none, immediate gratification kind of people. But...that's why we are crashing from issues like Adrenal Fatigue, any number of inflammatory problems and auto-immune diseases. It's not just one food, one exposure, one culprit. It is the whole dang enchilada.

So, let's pick a different recipe. You take some of the things from my previous posts and sprinkle them with a few of the things from this post and you take it one bite at a time--don't inhale, don't scarf it down. Just nibble if you must. Chew, chew, chew. Swallow, digest, get rid of what doesn't serve and come back for more.

Today I am going to highlight a handful of products that are helping me--not just bc they're physically good for me, but in taking them I'm triggering that feeling of 'I did this for me'. They're reminding me that I deserve to have good, nutritious things in my life, AND I deserve to consume them without overthinking if I'll run out tomorrow, or if I can somehow eek 2 portions out of one. It's my plight--trying to be resourceful (aka cheap), and it's half my battle. 

Don't eat a meal? Sweet--I can get more work done AND save money! 

Nope. Nope. Nope. 

I don't know if this is a diagnosed eating disorder, but it's surely a battle, a weakness and a tendency that is NOT serving me. Do you know anyone like me?

So, here's a list--some of these products I've already touched on, but I'm including the full spectrum:

1. This metabolic boosting system. I've already mentioned the collagen element--the other 2 elements are equally dynamic and useful. Assist is a Berberine supplement with White Mulberry leaf extract. Both of these ingredients are super-charged with naturally beneficial compounds for metabolic function, specifically Blood Sugar balancing. What I've realized, perhaps as a result of my Adrenal issues, is my blood sugar tends to run very low. This supplement has helped keep the intensity of the spikes I used to feel to a minimum which helps my metabolism function more effectively--that means everything I do. Metabolism is the way our body processes all inputs. Stress, foods, emotions, environmental factors...ALL of this contributes to our wellness, and it all is metabolized. 

This Berberine supplement + the clinically proven combo of essential oils in the metaPWR blend are beautiful linked. The oil blend is full of chemical compounds that heat up the body, re-invigorating cells and minimizing the development of fat within them. It's useful taken internally as a capsule, in water or as gum--but I've particularly enjoyed massaging the oil with a body serum on my legs, buttocks and torso as a way of targeting the cells, improving circulation, supporting healthy lymphatic activity and generally just doing something good for myself post shower. I use the Yarrow|Pom body serum as a base, and its become a luxurious part of my self-care routine. 

2. Redmond's salt--I've added this to my orange juice +  Advantage drink in the morning. It's a quick burst of goodness for me every morning, like a morning cocktail of sunshine--just salt in the glass instead of on the rim. :D

3. Rosemary oil is near my supplements and I apply it over my neck divit every morning which I tap while I apply. It's a way to wake up the hypothalmus. I try to say a few encouraging words, too. 

4. I made a blend for lymphatic support. I really started to notice that my body needed help moving things out. Patchouli, Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang --I really just picked a few from my Essential Oil resource book and made a blend. I even like how it smells and have received some compliments! But, in my normal fashion, i didn't write this down, so I'm going to have to try to re-create it when I run out. The most important part of this step was making something just for me. As an aromatherapist, I love the challenge of helping others: my kids, clients and anyone who needs it. But so often I skip over my own needs, very rarely do I make oil blends targeting MY needs. 

5. Belly support. I re-started focusing on digestion. Metabolism is the way our bodies use what we put in and around it. Digestion is how we get out what we don't need. A side effect of Adrenal Fatigue is this state of panic that leaves our body feeling at risk--at risk of not having more, so it holds on. Clamps down, hibernates and all-but quits. Not to get too descriptive, but my digestion has not been as mobile as it once was. Bloating, sluggishness--its all a piece of the same puzzle. So, I've added some things in. First, probiotics. I'm eating more ferments and taking my supplement every night before bed. I feel SO much better when I don't forget this. I have also paired this with a Turmeric supplement and a deep digestion stimulator as well as more snacking on dried fruits like apricots. Turmeric is known to warm the body and warmth and movement go hand in hand. I also take this greens (most often with my protein) as it has loads of liver supports and wamer-uppers like Moringa & Dandelion leaf. And lastly, I take Copaiba nightly which is an enhancer and balancer. 

6. Foundational support. I fully believe our world is more toxic than ever and our food less nutritious. I didn't used to, but I know now that supplementing is crucial to give our body the basics it was designed to have access to. We simply cannot get it all from our food sources--and that's a blog for another day. But, I supplement with this trio pack bc it's the most balanced combination of supports ever. 100% food based, it doesn't hurt my stomach, and completely bio-available. 

This sounds like a lot, but it breaks down like this: 

Wake up: Take Assist pill, Xeo Mega, metaPWR capsule, Digestzen capsule. Drink Advantage + OJ + Raw Cream + Salt & Use rosemary on my neck. Eat breakfast & Drink coffee.

10:30am: Drink a protein shake with greens powder. 

Lunch: Eat some healthful protein and carbs. Cheese, crackers, sourdough bread, chick peas, cottage cheese, nuts, etc. 

Afternoon: Warm drink--chai tea or other tea. Take Mito2Max adaptogenic supplement with ashwaganda + more goodness, metaPWR capsule & MicroPlex VMZ (I avoid taking this when I take the Assist as its got great enzymes that may break it down faster than I want it to be). 

Evening (before bed): Take Pb Assist, Copaiba, Turmeric & Enteric Coated Peppermint. Depending on environmental factors, I may use On Guard or Frankincense for an immune boost. 

And based on moods & needs, I use herbs & oils as needed throughout the day. 

While all of this is completely customizable, it seemed useful to give you a little peek into my daily routine. Remembering of course, this journey of life is a flexible one and the above routine is a mark I am for, and I have to try equally as hard not to stress about it if life interferes and things don't go exactly as I'd planned. I'm doing better at carrying the things I need with me when I won't be at home--and that's when you know habits are really taking root--when they become less of a chore and more like putting on pants. I just do it, one leg at a time. 

This path of healing is merely an exploration of this one human life. My goal with sharing was to inspire you to do the bit-by-bits and find your path. I feel better taking more charge of my own path than I did, and I pray the same for you! 

Perhaps you've been on this journey and have nuggets to share--I'd appreciate it! Thank you for giving me a minute--I hope you are encouraged!

Much love, Much peace,


Note: I am a holistic health coach, wellness advocate, user & lover of the products above, as well as a distributor. I've linked to them for your convenience and appreciate your business should you decide to order! Additionally, I created this cart, and will include a printable routine to check off these daily habits for anyone who wants it. 

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