🎁 5 gift ideas for homesteaders

Dec 08, 2021

Let's change what presents are. Let's take them away from little plastic toys that break in a couple of weeks.

Let's stop buying things just to buy them.

Let's keep giving gifts but let's make them something impactful.

This week we are talking about gifts, wrapping paper, and things we can do differently this holiday season. 

Here's some ideas that I have on gifts that would make a huge difference for someone:

1. Give them a gift of an experience ( take them out to dinner, or just go to a city not far away and have an overnight trip) During the pandemic we've found lots of fun adventures in our own area on Airbnb experiences.

2. Give them a class on a skill or a membership. The Academy would be an amazing gift for a new homesteader. Or for those creative types give them a membership to creative bug.

3. Plants. Can you ever have too many plants? We love having tropical plants and citrus in the house. Find something fun that can make it over the winter inside and can grow outside during the summer months. There's nothing that says I love you like a Meyer lemon tree!

4. DIY kits. This year I got Lacey a Maple Syrup kit. We have been wanting to harvest our own syrup and now she has all the tools to give it a try this year. We just need some cold temps!

5. Local markets and artisans. If you're local take a look on our market, If not look around at farmer's markets and even ETSY and see what you can find from local people.

Here's what I am saying. NOW more than ever we need to keep our dollars in our community. We need to up our skills, and learn how to grow more plants.

Let's spread the love locally and give gifts that will last a lifetime.

Got some ideas on local gifts. send me a reply, id love to hear your plans!

Peace and Love,
Drew and Lacey

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