Un-slump yo'self!

Use this workbook to do it.

Struggling to connect with your purpose? Lost your way? Stuck in burn-out? Feel like an imposter turning the same tricks & seeing no results? Feel lost in the hustle? This book was written to help you find your way out. Your life is meaningful. Lacey's book will remind you why it is you belong here--and how to step into that belonging now.

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Tried + True Favorite Farmstead Products

Bootstrap Farmer

Greenhouse kits, seed starting supplies and more! These products are built to last season to season. Less wasted, more saved!

Seed trays, starter sets, heat mats and more.


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Chelsea Green Books

The BEST book selection from REAL free-thinking homesteaders, holistic health gurus and nature lovers. Build your self-sufficiency library with the best resources around!

Gaia's Garden, The Resilient Homestead, The Holistic Orchard, Top Bar Beekeeping, and more!

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Berkey Water Filtration

Filter to purity anything from pond water to city water full of toxins + chemicals. Known the world over for their effective filtration, these products will give you peace of mid knowing you'll have clean drinking water today, and whatever comes. 

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Garden Tower

Grow vertically! Compost down the middle, this stout tower holds 50 plants! Perfect for strawberries, herbs, greens, patios and to add height to your growing space. Kids LOVE to help with the garden tower!


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This inspiring playground for all things crafty is perfect for adults and children alike! Outsource your art-program with reknowned artists in high quality classes. Stem classes + canning also available!

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Shower Diffuser

Get 10% off your shower diffuser! A simple way to get the aromatic benefits of essential oils in your steamy shower! Eucalyptus, wild orange, Breathe, Air x--turn your shower into a spa like experience while opening the airways and invigorating the whole body with pure nature!

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Get started with the best herbals & oils with us!

Oils have become an integral part of our homestead. For the health of our family, and for the health of the animals. These sets are a great starting point, and include access to our Apothecary training & additional resources, including weekly online classes & community support. 

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