$17.00 USD

Grab the Aroma Essentials Set which includes 10 oils + a diffuser to help make your home more holistic! Smell the sweet simplicity of pure nature in any room, use these oils on your dryer balls and improve the health + mood of the whole family! 

Dryer Ball Workshop

Use wool from Schoolhouse Farm to create eco-friendly dryer balls to enhance the efficiency of your dryer and eliminate the need for dryer sheets.

What you'll get:

  • Material for 3 dryer balls
  • Video Tutorial 

They decrease the dry time by moving the laundry around more in the dryer.

They soften laundry simply by banging around in the dryer--this reduces dry-time and improves energy efficiency. 

They last for YEARS which means money saved and waste minimized, not to mention time and effort saved because they're conveniently always there.

They prevent the build-up of static

They can be used to apply refreshing + non-toxic scents from pure essential oils that improve the air quality in your home.