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 YOU are capable of doing the things you have on your heart, that's why you're here.


Learn the secret formula to connecting to your purpose and leading a life and business of abundance. 

This book holds your hand and steps you through the whole process of aligning with your passion. It's both mindset and workbook wrapped into one.

By the end, you will know just what you need to work on and have a road map of actionable steps to get there.

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Alicia L.

This book has encouraged me and inspired me to dig in and press on forward, to dredge through the "swamps" and move on to "fresher" waters.... It has given me hope that I can have satisfaction and success in my life. It has reminded me that God has a plan for me and I do belong here. I love the challenges that are added throughout, they really helped me to think  and be more engaged in the process. This book is full of inspiration! A must read! 


Commitment - Capability - Creativity - Confidence - Simple words yet such profound meaning behind each one. 


“This process is not easy, it’s not fun, and it hurts a little” I have said something similar about LIFE so many times. Reading that I heard myself almost shouting out loud— I DO BELONG HERE!! Thank you for writing this for ME ❤️

Marcy C.

Oh my word. You gorgeous being you. What an incredible gift you've given the world...

Lacey offers her hand, making the seeking less daunting and more like a treasure hunt, because no matter what, whether you use her book to discover your life’s greatest passion or embark on a wildly successful career, you will most certainly discover treasures unexpected that will bring beauty and harmony to your life unlike anything you could have imagined. 

Susan S.

I loved the balance of inspiration, business, and encouragement. The time is right for me and Lacey has pulled all of the resources I need in one place. This is a great read for anyone who is striving for more in her life. 


I Belong Here is a great read for anyone feeling unsure of how to start living their dreams or feeling stuck in their journey. The c4 formula provides concrete steps to take; the work you put into these exercises will create exponential benefits!

Deb O.

Wow!! This book was just the boost I needed to set me on my own journey and do what I already know I am destined to do.

Crystal G.

Your book is SO good! People definitely need this message 💕 !

Take the C4 Quiz
Are you ready to see just how the formula fits in with your life?

Take my FREE custom quiz to find out.

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You have something to offer. 

Do you know why YOU belong here?

Feel like you don't know what else to try?

Like you don't know why the trainings you've done, and systems you've used are working for everyone else, but now for you? 
I Belong Here takes you on a journey of self-discovery and helps you build a ladder out of your frustration using tools that are custom built--just for you. 
Self development books and training opportunities have fallen short for you before because they were focused on the wrong areas--the truth is you need to develop all 4 of the c's to build a business you love, and that others are drawn to.
Walk through what Lacey Grim, 1% top network marketing earner and multi-passionate entrepreneur, says is the 'secret c4 formula' to detonate the success you've always wanted. 

Examine the 4 Cs In Your Life

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Get a sneak peek + hear from those who've read! 

Check out the virtual event where Lacey shares her personal story with the c4 formula. You'll have an opportunity to hear some of the book, and hear from folks who've read it what their take aways have been. 

I Belong Here will HELP You...

Find the hole

Can't figure out why you aren't gaining ground? This book identifies where the hole in your efforts lies.


Reconnect with your purpose, and figure out how to take your WHY to the next level.

Learn what the successful do

Can't see what you're NOT getting right? This book points out the 4 qualities every success story has.

Work it out

The challenging material will reveal things you've missed while giving exercises for powerful growth.

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What if Duplication is wrong?

We're often told to duplicate, but what if that's not the answer?

  • One strategy won't work for everyone.
  • There is no one size fits all.
  • Everyone has the ability to create something that will work. 
  • How to connect all your passions. 
  • How to make a business more fulfilling. 
  • How to identify common things that keep entrepreneurs stuck.
  • All successful people have developed in 4 common areas--find out what those are, and how you can develop them. 

Step 1

Order the Book

Step 2

Read + complete the exercises.

Step 3

Start Feeling more Satisfied and Successful in your life

I Belong Here is for... 

 💙  Women 

 💙  Network Marketing Professionals 

 💙  Entrepreneurs 

 💙 Getting un-stuck 

💙  Anyone who's tried it all, but not moving forward

  💙  Getting over imposter syndrome 

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Meet Lacey Grim

Lacey has been an entrepreneur of over a decade. While she's built a 6 figure career sharing holistic health and coaching business owners, she hit a stopping point and struggled for several years to overcome it. After closely observing those around her who were finding the success she knew she wanted, she discovered a secret combination--the c4 formula--that is the key to identifying the holes in any success story. She is eager to spread the news about this simple formula, and help anyone who's looking to be re-inspired by their business, knowing that THEY belong here--no doubt.

What people are saying about the book

Alisha W.

Lacey’s grounded, encouraging reminder that we belong here is a balm for the soul.  The inspiring 4C’s Formula is a playbook that we are encouraged to make our own, and that alongside Lacey’s many applicable metaphors you’ll finish this book empowered to take the right steps for you!

Jess M.

Insightful and an absolute delight to read, this book will lift you up while giving you essential guidance to fulfilling success.

Rebecca A.

Kudos to you for birthing this book into being. It's clear, concise and encouraging and SO needed in the world.  it crystalized for me my weak C, confidence, which I knew, but saw in a completely different way after reading 'I Belong Here'.

Carlie S.

I absolutely loved your book and took away tons of golden nuggets from it! You definitely have a gift for writing and I appreciate you sharing that gift with me and the world..