June 12 10:00am-3:30pm 

5779 Hagan Stone Park Rd.

Pleasant Garden, NC









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Homestead Skillshare Event Sponsors 


The Skills You Need, Live & In Person

12+ Homesteaders share their skills right before your eyes!

Craving something more tangible?

We've brought together people that have a passion for their real life skills. 

And they're brining them to you. No edits or filters. 

This will be a whole different kind of demo day!

Live at Schoolhouse Farm in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

The skills we'll be demoing

Laying Chickens


Preserving the Harvest

Dairy Cows

Long Bows

Natural Medicine

Fiber Arts 

Bread Making/ Sourdough

Cheese Making


Black Soldier Flies

Solar Powered Solutions

Small Scale Kitchen Butchery

Knife Sharpening

Holistic Homestead 

Grants, Non-Profits, Fundraising

A different kind of demo day!

There wont be lectures, there wont be hypothetical ideas. This is going to be a watch and learn experience. 

Touch the tools that it takes to get the job done. See the process. Ask the questions.

When you arrive at demo day you'll be joining homesteards from all over as we go from tent to tent learning skills that have taken the experts years to learn. 

The goal is to help you skip the hard lessons and jump ahead on your homestead journey.

These demos will be intro level and aimed to help you get started from the very beginning.

We are limiting the size of the crowd so you can have your questions answered.

Each demo will be done five times throughout the day. So you won't miss a thing!

Meet the Experts

Homespun Herbalism & Plant Medicine

Lacey Grim
The Schoolhouse Life

Homemade Pig & Chicken Feed


"Pork" Rhyne Cureton

Pork Rhyne Consulting
Demo times 1:00pm-3:30pm

Small Scale Kitchen Butchery


Andrew Magazine

Applied Anatomist 

Black Soldier Flies

Karl Warkomski

Creating a Holistic Homestead Plan

Drew Grim
The Schoolhouse Life

Sustainable Energy


Emanuel Hayden
LoneWolfDog Farm

Micro Dairy Operations


Matt Vaughn
Carolina Homeplace Farm

Preserving the harvest


Kimberly Smith
7 Smith Homestead

Fiber Processing


Rayleen Grim
Savtas Creations




Josh & Jordyn Kelly
Working Aussies Homestead

Egg Layer Systems


Kira Huffman
Huffman Hill Farm

Human scale market gardening


Nick Dezern

Millboro and Co.

Cheese and Sourdough Making


Meleah Printz


Forming and keeping a nonprofit, grant writing and research

Wendy Rhein

Chutzpa Hollow

Long Bow Making


Wayne Vaughn

Vaughn Long Bows

This is the time to harness the skills of our ancestors. The time to build our stores of capability. 

Hands on education is hands down the most effective way to feel ready to do the skill you've been aching to try. 

No amount of YouTube or online training beats the education we get from time watching in person. 

Join us for the the First Annual Homestead Skillshare and get your questions answered by real people, in real time.

Our events are about community & confidence building.

Here's what others are saying from our gatherings:


I was completely overwhelmed going into this, this symposium was the first thing that has brought me any calm in the sea of options. Something about introducing all the ways in one place( in a quick manner) is making it all okay.

- Kathleen

Great Resource!

So many different voices and perspectives and SOOOOOOO many helpful tips and pep talks for parents too!

- Kelly 

Getting Excited Now

These videos are fantastic and the mamas (and dad!) have eased my heart so much. There are so many great resources in this section, this was very well put together. Can't wait to watch more, I'm feeling more and more ready now. Thank you all!

- Catherine

Happy for sure!

Just listening to the Different coaches and approaches has brought me comfort and tears of gratitude and joy

- Liz


I am really loving hearing all of the perspectives and the wonderful resources. Thanks so much to all of the amazing parents sharing these gifts with us!

- Nella

So grateful, so full.

Thank you for sharing perspectives and experiences from across the board. This was an info-packed, compassionate springboard, and I feel much less overwhelmed.

- Mikaela

Questions people are asking:

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