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This is not a course! This is way more it's The Homestead Mastermind

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The neighbors aren't sure what you're doing,

Family thinks you're crazy,'re tired.

We've been there, we can help! 


Though self-sufficiency is often our goal, it's impossible to succeed alone--we know. Having run a soul-serving and community building mastermind in our local community for 3 years, we know the value of companionship, brainstorming and accountability--no matter the goal. 

Heard of business masterminds? They are absolutely brilliant! Our business wouldn't be what it is without them. Nothing strengthens a business like a well woven network of encouragement & support.

For the past 3 years we have facilitated a Homestead Mastermind, we know how invaluable they are. We want to give our larger community an opportunity to tap into a resource that doesn't exist anywhere else! 

Have you been looking for friends with similar interests? Seeking wisdom from people who are in the trenches? Commiseration with fellow land-lovers? Guidance? Ideas?


*Spoiler alert* these groups facilitate life-long friendships and lead to abundant opportunities for all involved. 

1- Plant

Teach the group something that you learned this month.

What have you tried that worked? Or maybe it didn't? Either way, share what you learned as a result of your efforts in the last month.

2 - Grow

Share a current struggle on the homestead.

The collective group will share their experiences and any resources they know that might help.

3 - Harvest

A goal to be accomplished by the next meeting.

We want to do it all. With accountability we can--one thing at a time. 


4 - Nourish

Harness the power of the group.

Find sustenance through community, from brainstorming to encouragement--you will be fed.

Why join? 

Because you're tired of watching youtube and wishing you could talk to real people. You want to be a part of the conversation, not just a spectator.

Join this community and form meaningful relationships with other homesteaders, access to real-life mentors and custom help for your homestead challenges. AND get the accountability you need to have the homestead you actually want.


We know masterminds and homesteading

  • 20+ years of homesteading
  • certified in permaculture design & regenerative agriculture
  • 3+ years of running an in person mastermind
  • consulted with dozens of homesteads in need of a plan
  • coached hundreds of people in homesteading and natural wellness









No Homestead is an island.

Just because you live in the country doesn't mean you have to do this alone.

If you've been looking for a coach, this is for you.

If you've been looking for a team, this is for you.

If you need clarity, this is for you.

If you'd like to stop hopping around from project to project, this is for you.

If you'd like a guide, this is for you.

If you'd like to avoid costly mistakes, find invaluable resources, know how to invest, where to invest and how to make your homestead be less of a drain and more of a respite--this is for you.

We will hold you accountable. We will help you connect. We will brainstorm, hash it out and overall give you wisdom from our Permaculture certifications to our Regenerative authority to our success as entrepreneurs all while facilitating a community you will likely carry with you for a lifetime--we will bring all that to the mastermind table to help you make huge strides in the direction you want to go. 

*Refunds available, see FAQ.

Only $3 a day for six months

$127/ Month

6 month mastermind

  • Monthly community calls ($120 value)
  • Online community forum ($97 value)
  • Monthly challenges ($45 value)
  • Initial intake survey 
  • Holistic Homestead mapping ($127 value)
  • Holistic context orientation ($97 value)
  • Native plant education ($247 value)
  • Access to the knowledge base of Lacey & Drew who have spent thousands of hours learning and applying permaculture and regenerative principles with almost every kind of livestock, plant, and more. ($499 value)
  • Custom recommendations for your homestead and holistic context. (priceless)
  • Exclusive access to our in person mastermind retreat.

Total Value of $1232

Check out our growing community

Drew and Lacey are honestly the first people who come to mind when I want to learn something else about homesteading. They’ve been very kind with answering questions and have inspired me to trust my intuition in my approach to gardening and homeschooling. Our daughters love visiting their farm and looked forward to forest school each month. I personally appreciate their willingness to take the reins on building community and for working so tirelessly to help people learn and grow. The Grims are great.

We had Lacey and Drew Grim out for a land audit. We are so excited to get started on the plan that will lead us to utilize water management. They are a wealth of information and inspiration that will eventually help us reach our ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. - Nicole

It's a real skill helping people learn things in an easy and entertaining way, you have that gift. You don't talk above me or confuse me. You have a way of unfolding it all in an understandable way. it's a dying art! - Janet


I prayed and cried the night before you came. I thought we'd made a mistake. That I couldn't handle it all. That after only two months in our home we had made the biggest mistake of our lives. I was wondering if it was even worth it for you to come, and spoiler alert, it was!

We feel organized and like we know the purpose of our land. We know our goals and have priorities given to each task. We look at our land and home very differently now. No, it's not exactly what I want, or even close at the moment. But it will be! And I am starting to see it now. We can't thank you enough for opening our eyes to see all that God has given us every time we step out our door.

- Alexandria


having Drew and Lacey come out to the farm and show us the exact steps we need to take to get our farm operational was exactly the type of help we needed.

They gave us clarity and specific goals to work on.

Having/starting a farm is overwhelming and you don't really know where to begin.

Having them come out and show us how to build from the ground up saved us a ton of time and money.

Highly recommend.

- Daniel


Moved to a new property in Gold Hill, NC less than a month ago..
Still being new to the homestead life, we wanted to call on experts to help us navigate setup, ideas, plans etc...
What we didn’t expect was getting the most amazing humans to come hang with us for a few hours & spit out all the goodness. If only I could suck all their brain knowledge out!
If you are new or established I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to The Schoolhouse Life with Drew Grim & Lacey Grim !!!
It was worth every penny & then some. Can’t say enough great things about them & their willingness to serve this community. Thank you a million times over!

- Meredith

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t wait! Invest in your homestead's potential now!


Join a group of homesteaders committed to building their own homesteads, and community.

Doors Close Jan 23rd! 

Who are we?

Lacey & Drew of the Schoolhouse Life

Whether you've been listening to our podcast, getting our emails, joined us for one of our in person workshops or homesteading events, or had us do a homestead audit, we are passionate about homesteading and helping others live a more self-sufficient, but also satisfying, life. 

Through our 20 years of  homesteading experience, and the many years we've been helping others do the same, and we've seen the struggle--we know the struggle. 

As serial entrepreneurs, we have done loads and loads of personal and business development work--and we want to give folks who need the one-on-one support of  experienced mentors just that. We've paid $$ for coaches & mentors and they were worth every penny. We WISH we'd had one for our homestead!

Raising a family, starting with a blank slate of property, all while staying married and running our own business has been no cake-walk, but we can see the shortcuts, the tricks and we know the encouragement we would have needed along the way.

If you need clarity, community, connection, confidence, creative ideas, profitable opportunities, encouragement, guidance, hope--well, we're ready to give you those. 

All we ask of you, is that you come with an open-heart--ready to discover more about what a Holistic Homestead means, and how a community can make your self-sufficient lifestyle more complete.

Limited spaces available. Sign up today!