The Schoolhouse Life Academy

The place to grow in self-sufficiency. 

You're here!  You want to grow your own food? Or get some chickens? Or maybe grow your own self-sufficient business? Maybe you want more confidence in your homeschooling or simply to live more back-to-basics? We created the Schoolhouse Academy with YOU in mind: instruction, inspiration, confidence + hope.  

 Think of it as digital magazine meets global community AND all customized to what you want!

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We are going to help you make progress toward a life of more self-sufficiency.

The challenges will revolve around bringing you inspiration to your unique goals in:

  • homesteading
  • creativity
  • connection
  • homeschooling 
  • Recipes
  • how-to's
  • crafts
  • projects and more


Full access to our exhaustive video library of everything self sufficiency. Over 52 videos and more coming weekly.

  • Gardening naturally
  • livestock management
  • Water resiliency
  • Natural Medicine
  • Preserving Foods
  • Bee Keeping
  • Interviews with gurus

Plus regular new webinars for you to participate in live!


Make friends from all over the world with the same aspirations of living a more self-sufficient and connected life.

  • accountability
  • collective brainstorming
  • goal setting 

Conversations that uplifting, inspiring, and relevant to your unique goals.


The Tools You Need To Become Self Sufficient

In this academy, you'll learn the skills and plans needed to get you on a course to growing your own food. 

This is step 1 of our 3 step system. 

There are no upsells.  We hold nothing back.

By the end of this program, you will have a design for your property (from an apartment to a farm, where ever you are). 

The reason we have this library is to help you move one step closer to self-sufficiency.  And to show you a small piece of our entire process. 

This way it's a win-win. 

You get a plan. And we have the chance to prove how we can help you.

Without the slimy sales tactics, we've seen before. Just the real deal.

The Schoolhouse Academy

Monthly Program

Was $37month
Now $17/month

Think of this as a digital magazine subscription made just for you.

Let us guide you through a whole growing season from how to start seeds to how to preserve food and everything in between.

This library gives you all you need to feel confident in your own self-sufficiency! 


  • Extensive + Growing Video Library
  • Monthly Large Group Live Q&A's
  • Monthly Challenge/Activity 
  • Access to the Homeschool Open House
  • Access to upcoming Homesteading Summit
  • Discount on live events + workshops
  • Exclusive discounts on products
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**We want everyone to have access to food security. If you can't afford these prices, please let us know and we will work with you. 
email: [email protected]

The Flock


Monthly Program

This guided 6-month program will take you through the entire growing season from how to start seeds to how to preserve food and everything in between.

By the end of the program, you will know just what it takes to have a successful growing season and how to plan for next years.

What you'll get:

  • Community
  • The Self Sufficiency Library
  • Large Group Meeting Q&A
  • Monthly Challenge/Activity 
Full Payment - Flock

The Pod

$800 or $134/m

Most Popular 6 Month Program

This guided 6-month program gives you everything from The Flock plus we take a deepr and more intimate dive into your designs and plans.

By the end of this program, you will have a design customized to your needs and a solid plan for moving forward.

  • Small group - pods of 15
  • Homestead Mastermind
  • Summit access
  • Homeschool Open House
  • Voxer group
  • Free events at The Schoolhouse
  • Oildorks library & course
6 payments - Pod
Full Payment - Pod

The Hive

$2000 or $334/m

6 Month Flagship Program

The Inner Circle is our exclusive program for only 5 people a growing season. We will work with you to make a very serious plan to grow your own food. By the end of this program, you know the basics of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, no-till gardening, and more. You will be ready to help others learn or just feel a great level of confidence in your property.

  •  Intimate Mastermind
  • Group size will be limited to 5 members
  • Voxer access
  • 30 Min bi-weekly call
  • 1 Ticket for our live retreat at the Schoolhouse.
6 Payments - Hive
Full Payment - Hive

- Refund Policy -

If for any reason you don't think this program meets your needs or helps you in your goal of becoming self-sufficient, We will give you a full refund. 


  • 20 years of experience of hands-on experience
  • Regenerative Agriculture Educators
  • Holistic Health Coaches

  • hands-on experience in both urban and rural homesteading

  • Permaculture Design Certified Instructors
  • Business Leaders + Entrepreneurial Experts


Avoid: Mistakes, Expenses, Wasted Time, Frustration, Loneliness

Gain: Ease, Simplicity, Focus, Guidance, Inspiration, Skills, Confidence

"You have a skill helping people learn things in an easy and entertaining way. I have enjoyed learning from you, because you do not talk above me, or confuse me. You have an awesome way of helping people understand what you are trying to get out there. It is a dying art." -- Susan