Lets get more intense.

Come for a day long intensive with your favorite demoers.

Each skill you learned about at Skillshare has a day long event just for you to dig in even deeper.

 We've brought together people that have a passion for their real life skills. 

  Live at Schoolhouse Farm in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

**Buy two or more workshops and save 10%**

Beef Butchery Breakdown


Andrew Magazine
Applied Anatomist 

September 4th

Reserve for $175

Homestead Cheese Making


Meleah Printz

September 7th

Reserve for $120

Market & Homestead Gardening 

Nick Dezern

Millboro and Co.

September 18th

Reserve for $50

Knife Honing

Sean Printz

The Printzstead

October 12th

Reserve for $120

Mapping a Holistic Homestead Plan

Drew & Lacey Grim
The Schoolhouse Life

October 18th

Reserve for $75

Hands on milking and grazing

Matt Vaughn

The Carolina Homeplace Farm

October 23rd

Reserve for $100

Hands on fiber arts experience


Rayleen Grim
Savtas Creations

November 2nd

Reserve for $75

Preserving the harvest


Kimberly Smith
7 Smith Homestead

November 13th

Reserve for $125

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  • Full refund up to 30 days before the event


We want this to be accessible to everyone if you can't afford to come please complete This Form for discount opportunities.

Our events are about community & confidence building.

Here's what others are saying from our gatherings:


I was completely overwhelmed going into this, this symposium was the first thing that has brought me any calm in the sea of options. Something about introducing all the ways in one place( in a quick manner) is making it all okay.

- Kathleen

Great Resource!

So many different voices and perspectives and SOOOOOOO many helpful tips and pep talks for parents too!

- Kelly 

Getting Excited Now

These videos are fantastic and the mamas (and dad!) have eased my heart so much. There are so many great resources in this section, this was very well put together. Can't wait to watch more, I'm feeling more and more ready now. Thank you all!

- Catherine

Happy for sure!

Just listening to the Different coaches and approaches has brought me comfort and tears of gratitude and joy

- Liz


I am really loving hearing all of the perspectives and the wonderful resources. Thanks so much to all of the amazing parents sharing these gifts with us!

- Nella

So grateful, so full.

Thank you for sharing perspectives and experiences from across the board. This was an info-packed, compassionate springboard, and I feel much less overwhelmed.

- Mikaela