Join us at the Schoolhouse every 3rd Thursday @7PM to learn hands on about natural & simpler ways to improve the heart & health of the home.

March 17th we'll be making and using a 5 part skincare routine! Simple ingredients, luxurious feel, and recipes you can use again and again!

April: Homemade non-toxic Cleaning

MAY: holistic gardening ins & outs. How to plan a garden that nourishes your body & mind without toxicns, chemicals or too much time weeding. 

JUNE: Balancing the gut with cultures, ferments and more. We'll make sauerkraut, kombucha & kefir and discuss other great gut-supporting tools.

JULY: Easy Ways to preserve the harvests. Recipes & different methods demonstrated for dehydrating, fermenting, freezing & canning seasonally ready fruits and veggies.

AUGUST: Reducing anxiety for the whole family, improving focus and improving brain function with herbs & oils.

SEPTEMBER: Herbs & oils for first aid & easing chronic illness, allergies, pain & inflammation.

OCTOBER: Developing a personal wellness plan, from meal prep to daily rituals that make small changes for massive results.

Each month we'll be sharing recipes, demos and gathering ideas from the experts on how to build a healthful homestead! Topics are subject to change.

Workshop costs will vary, sign up to be the one of the first notified of each month's topic & cost!

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What will you learn?

These classes will cover loads of topics from making non-toxic household cleaners to preserving garden harvests to managing gut health and the importance of eating cultured foods to soaking, sprouting and enjoying nutritious grains. 

The world around us is full of toxins, from stress inducing busy life-styles to chemical doused foods, 5g exposure, hormone disrupting skincare and facial products and more!

It can be overwhelming, but there is hope and we hope to help folks find simpler and more natural ways by connecting back to more traditional ways of living. 

Each month you'll experience some hands on ways to incorporate better habits in your home, and we'll probably have fun at the same time!