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20+ Experts Help You Find The Confidence You Need To Make Homeschooling Work.

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Home Schooling Simplified


20+ Experts Help You Find The Confidence You Need To Make Homeschooling Work.

Ok, so you’re wondering if you can make homeschool work for you.

I was there many years ago and I know how overwhelming it is trying to figure out where to even begin.

Who doesn’t want the best for the kids, right?

Let’s be real with the current situation we are all in, we don’t have a year to study all these different options. We have jobs and the craziness of the world to manage!

BUT we don’t want that to stop you. It doesn’t HAVE to be so complicated. We want to make it easier for you,

SO we have gathered an expert group of homeschoolers using all kinds of methods to give you their tips and tricks. They are going to break it down into bite size AND digestible pieces for you–like the cliff notes from the YEARS they’ve all spent finding what works.

By the end of this open house you’ll feel ready (maybe even inspired) for your first year of homeschooling

Why attend the open house?

Explore popular homeschool styles

knowing where to start can be hard, sometimes finding a style that matches can be really helpful.

Develop a schedule that meets your needs

not an early riser thats ok! let the kids sleep in too. You make the schedule that works for you and for your kids.

How to incorporate the fine arts, sports, and drama

We'll show you how to make sure your kids education is well rounded.

Vendor Section

Meet popular homeschool vendors and hear their 3 minute video on what they offer.

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We know homeschooling...

✔️ Homeschooling family of over 15 years

✔️ Traveled the world with 4 kids, educating along the way

✔️ We work from home and home school, it CAN be done!

Meet other experienced homeschoolers like us at the open house!

We have experts in: unschooling, waldorf, montesori, nature school and more. All giving us their best for you to get started

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What you get:

Each training/session will be just 10-15 minutes long, we have 47+ different sessions.

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Meet the Experts

Rachel Lebowitz


Shayla Bryant


Kindle Garner


Leah Damon


Vanessa Hartman


Amy Bodkin


Kristie Burns


Ashley Causey-Golden

@afrocentric. montessori

Lisa Burns


Serena Ryan


Nicki Truesdell


Elle Cole


Kate Duncan

@nursery rhymeville​

Rob James


Lacey Grim

@laceyofschool housefarm​

Courtney B. Dunlap

@courtney_b_ dunlap

Anne Huitt

@annehuitt. betterbeauty

Jessica Waldock


Annie Haas


Valerie Montroy


Katie Corbitt


Melisa Nielsen


Listen, here’s the deal if you don’t buy this open house you can make homeschooling work. BUT this course gets you a giant fast forward.

You get to tap into homeschooling moms and dads that have spent years and years figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

You get direction, ideas, plans, and permission to make it work for you and your family. You get to join a group of people that are all trying to figure this out.

This is your ticket into what really makes homeschooling work, what makes it enjoyable, and what takes the stress out of veteran homeschoolers.

Don’t wait any longer get started today.

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This open house is changing lives.

Here's what others are saying:

New to homeschool

I loved this summit! I think that it is something that is great to have for the new homeschool families due to COVID to and it was really well put together. Would love to know if you put anymore info out there and will definitely use the resources that were shared. Thank you!!!

- Tyra

I loved this course!

I am so happy I decided to join this course. Each speaker had wonderful wisdom that I could learn from. Each fear I had (Am I good enough? How do I homeschool with a toddler and baby? How can I be a confident teacher?) was addressed in a meaningful way to me. I am now working on a rough draft of a rhythm for my family to implement when we start schooling. I know there will be tweaks along the way but I am excited to just have the building blocks to help create a successful teaching environment and flow for our day.

- Rebecca

So Grateful!

Thank you all so much for making this incredible home education summit available. I've been thinking of homeschooling our littles for a long while now and found myself overwhelmed with all the information available, yet personal stories are so much more than information. They are personal testimonies and I am beyond grateful to have so many right here and available to learn from and be inspired by! It's all so easy to navigate and move through, THANK YOU!!!

- Carley

Very informative!

I learned a lot from this event! It is packed with lots of information a first time homeschooler will definitely find helpful. I manage my own online business and to do homeschooling at the same time will be challenging but I believe that entrepreneurship and homeschooling are kinda woven to each other when it comes to flexibility and having the freedom to live your life at your own terms. Thank you so much for organizing this amazing event! All the speakers are awesome in their own righteous topics.

- Maria

This was perfect!

Hello there. As a mama of 4, who finds herself with a beautiful opportunity to homeschool this year, I am incredibly thankful for the reassurance and knowledge shared by all of the experts in the Homeschool Open House Summit. Their ideas and advice are invaluable and have made me feel so much more confident in my decision to go with an intuitive and eclectic approach that allows me to develop the children's strengths and support their areas of challenge. Thank you so much for everything!

- Heather


I was completely overwhelmed going into this, this symposium was the first thing that has brought me any calm in the sea of options. Something about introducing all the ways in one place( in a quick manner) is making it all okay.

- Kathleen

Great Resource!

So many different voices and perspectives and SOOOOOOO many helpful tips and pep talks for parents too!

- Kelly 

Getting Excited Now

These videos are fantastic and the mamas (and dad!) have eased my heart so much. There are so many great resources in this section, this was very well put together. Can't wait to watch more, I'm feeling more and more ready now. Thank you all!

- Catherine

Happy for sure!

Just listening to the Different coaches and approaches has brought me comfort and tears of gratitude and joy

- Liz


This has been such a wonderful & inspiring open house and has helped me understand so much more about homeschooling as well as feel like it’s doable!! :)

- Sherry


I am really loving hearing all of the perspectives and the wonderful resources. Thanks so much to all of the amazing parents sharing these gifts with us!

- Nella

So grateful, so full.

Thank you for sharing perspectives and experiences from across the board. This was an info-packed, compassionate springboard, and I feel much less overwhelmed.

- Mikaela