Schoolhouse Farm Camp

(for ages 8-12)

Join the schoolhouse farm for four days and learn where your food comes from. Harvest eggs from the chickens, make wool crafts from wool, taste fruit right off the vine, and learn how to grow your own plants.

June 27th- 30th

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 Day 1

Tour & Explore

Meet the animals, learn about what we grow and where we grow it.

We'll meet the sheep, the egg laying chickens, the meat chickens, the cows, the pigs, and the dogs that protect the farm.

Day 2

Chicken or Egg?

Be part of a chicken drive as we move them to a new pasture. Learn all there is to know about chickens and why we move them to new pastures all the time. Collect eggs and then help cook a tasty snack with farm fresh eggs.

 Day 3

The flock and herd

We'll spend the day working with the cows learning what they like to eat and why they get fresh grass almost every day.

Then we'll move the sheep to new grass and learn what it takes to raise sheep.

We'll end the day doing some fiber crafts and eating some farm fresh snacks.

Day 4

Pick, Make & Partake


Learn why we grow our own veggies and fruits. We’ll get our hands dirty and pull some weeds, plant some new plants, pot a couple for you to take home.

At the end of the day, we’ll make a wormery with garden supplies.

Drop off Camp

8:30 am - 2:00pm near Hagan Stone Park

Parents/Caretakers are welcome to hang out at the schoolhouse.

Wifi + Snacks available for purchase. 

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Who is Schoolhouse Farm?

We are a small scale homestead that believes the best way to help the world is to give them hope in self-sufficiency.

We teach adults and kids how to grow their own food, homeschool, and use natural medicine.

We belive the most powerful way to live is to work with nature. AND we love teaching others about permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and small scale farming.

Join us for a workshop in person and follow us online. We would love for you to become a part of The Schoolhouse Life.

Lacey and Drew are hands down two of the coolest teachers around, I only wish that they, and the concept of Forest School, was around when I was younger. My girls and I participated in the Spring session of 2021 and we ALL learned so much! Not only did we actually gain knowledge on useful outdoor information, it was incredibly fun! We walked away with a better understanding of nature, survival skills, and healthy living, plus we even gained a few new friends. For the price, seriously, this class is a steal! And especially in todays world, we could all use a little extra outdoor with friends time! I would definitely recommend this place!

- Courtney

“My daughter adored her time at was so nice to learn about food and plants and have true hands on experience. We will definitely do it again ☺️ She was quite proud of her quiche as well and now eats more eggs bc she helped so much.”

Our family participated in Forest School from September to December 2021 and absolutely loved it. Our kids (ages 2 and 4) were some of the youngest there, but that didn’t stop them from participating in the nature walks and discussions. My oldest really enjoyed learning about trees, ponds, birds, and seeds, and would often mention the things he learned in the weeks between sessions. He also loved memorizing the nature poems each month and has all of them committed to heart now. I would highly recommend Forest School to any family who wants a Charlotte Mason/nature-based approach to learning. It is so good to see my children soaking up true outside time in nature and learning so much about it. Thank you!

- Jaimie

Drew and Lacey are honestly the first people who come to mind when I want to learn something else about homesteading. They’ve been very kind with answering questions and have inspired me to trust my intuition in my approach to gardening and homeschooling. Our daughters love visiting their farm and looked forward to forest school each month. I personally appreciate their willingness to take the reins on building community and for working so tirelessly to help people learn and grow. The Grims are great.
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I'm Ready For Farm Camp In June

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