Human-scale beef butchery


November 6th 9:00am- 5:00pm
Teen & Adult Class November 7th 9:00am- 5:00pm
Want to help with the whole cow? Get 20% off when you buy both days.

Over the course of this 8-hour workshop, Andrew will lead the group in an in-depth look at butchering beef, starting with the whole animal.

We'll discuss:

- knife care
- primals and sub-primals
- retail cuts
- cooking methods 
- historical anecdotes and stories.

We will be breaking down a forequarter in the morning (think ribeyes, skirt steaks, chuck roasts and more)


Then a hindquarter in the afternoon (think NY Strip, flank steaks, filet mignon and osso bucco)

I'd love to see y'all there! 

Location:   Liberty, NC

(you'll be sent the actual address when you purchase a ticket) 

Adults Class - $175

Teen & Adult Class - $175

Buy both days and save 20% off!

Our events are about community & confidence building.

Here's what others are saying from our gatherings:

Value in Skills!

The value in each of the skills presented will show up in how I utilize any of what I learned. Learning about soldier flies and their value as food for animals and enriching compost and soil. I keep a compost pile so now I have something else to make it better. Talking with Raylen about weaving and making yarn inspires me to learn more. Learning how to better care for knives as they are essential in the kitchen.

Great Information

Great information and assisting with long-term planning!

Happy for sure!

Just listening to the Different coaches and approaches has brought me comfort and tears of gratitude and joy

- Liz


I am really loving hearing all of the perspectives and the wonderful resources. Thanks so much to all of the amazing people sharing these gifts with us!

- Nella

So grateful, so full.

Thank you for sharing perspectives and experiences from across the board. This was an info-packed, compassionate springboard, and I feel much less overwhelmed.

- Mikaela