Master Your Blending Workshop

You can get consistently effective blends and attractive aromas, there is a formula.

In this workshop, you will learn that formula and be able to apply it again and again. For lots of amazing smell!

I'm Ready to Start Making My Own Blends

It didn't take me long to realize that dumping a bunch of oils I like into one bottle does not make a good smell. BUT I love making concoctions. The more I researched making my own smell, the more I found the art and the science behind it.

Now I have blends that are effective for health issues AND they smell amazing.

I'm going to teach you how to do the same thing. In this course you'll make the PERFECT blend for your needs, one that smells terrific & works!

From now on you'll get them right, every time!

Here's what you get:

Essential Oils

My favorite oils for blending Eucalytpus, Lavender, Cedarwood + Wild Orange Essential oils, empty bottles are included for your concoctions.

FREE Diffuser Dice Template

Roll the dice and you'll get the perfect blend. Diffuser dice are a simple way to mix essential oils for use in the diffuser, or for any other use, that is always pleasant and surprising! 

Reusable Worksheet

The worksheet in this workshop can be used again and again to make blend after blend!

Blending Workshop

It's time for a little alchemy! Using the purest of natural tools we can create even more powerful and potent blends for our health and wellbeing. Using essential oils triggers the release of hormones, the betterment of cellular health, the elimination of toxins, and much more! 

This workshop teaches even the beginner how to master the art of aromatherapy to make personalized concoctions for any need!


Lacey Grim is an essential oil expert with 2 decades of experience with aromatherapy. She has been teaching folks how to use them safely and effectively for over 7 years. Her teaching style is informative, but easy to digest making aromatherapy and natural wellness easy to understand, and implement.

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